Review: Big Bang Theory – The Re-Entry Minimization


by Kevin Rigdon (@pralix1138)

I’ve been enjoying Season 6 of The Big Bang Theory, but there hasn’t been a particular episode that’s been a stand out compared to previous seasons. All that changed with “The Re-Entry Minimization.” It might just be the best episode of the entire series up to this point!

Howard comes back from the International Space Station to Bernadette who’s eagerly waiting to begin their honeymoon, but nature has other plans as she develops some sort of mucus-expelling, glowing-nose Rudolph disease that clogs her to the point that she takes enough Benadryl to knock her unconscious.  But she doesn’t go out without first secreting multiple and varied bodily fluids upon Howard’s person while in the midst of their amorous activities.

After she passes out, Howard visits his mom, only to find her hooking up with their dentist, and let’s just say: subtlety is not their strong suit.  Traumatized, Howard then goes to visit Raj, his former ersatz “partner,” only to discover that Stuart has moved in and taken his place as Raj’s hetero-lifemate.

Meanwhile, in apartment 4A of 2311 Los Robles, we have a battle of the sexes as Leonard and Sheldon take on Penny and Amy in a series of games.  First, the girls beat the guys at Pictionary.  In retaliation, Sheldon proposes Physics Fiesta, a game wherein the contestants answer physics questions in remedial Spanish.  That gets turned down, along with Amy’s suggestion of real life Operation over at the UCLA cadaver lab.  After a rousing round of Where’s Waldo sans spectacles, and dizzy long division, it gets really interesting with Penny and Sheldon wrestling, and an incredibly funny pie-eating contest.

While they’re face-deep in blueberry pie, Howard comes in seeking some sort of acknowledgement of the fact that he is back from space, and wants to be with his friends.  A unified chorus of “Not now!” sends him on his way to the coffee shop where he finally receives some recognition and free cheesecake just before crying and sneezing, courtesy of Bernadette’s “allergies.”

I loved this episode, and believe it to be the funniest one, yet, with belly laughs throughout.  Melissa Rauch gives a great performance as a sick Bernadette.  But, for me, the highlight of the episode is when Penny pins Sheldon in wrestling, and she and Amy begin kissing him all over his face.  Or maybe Sheldon snorting a blueberry.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


  1. waschalOctober 21st, 2012 at 5:15 am

    I totally agree. One of the best episodes. And I loved to see them just spending some time together.
    But the best part was clearly when Penny kissed Sheldon. AWESOME

  2. Kevin RigdonOctober 21st, 2012 at 4:04 pm

    I loved the whole game night thing they did. And Sheldon being pinned and kissed was fantastic.

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