Review: Alphas – God’s Eye


By by Ashley Binion

Alpha’s Season Two finale marked the team’s showdown with super-baddie Stanton Parish and left the audience with and eerie cliffhanger.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

The show started right where the previous episode left off, with Rosen shot by one of Parish’s men and bleeding profusely. He managed to stumble his way to a bus bench and began seeing his dead daughter, Dani. She pretty much stayed with him the entire episode as he searched for Parish.

While Rosen stumbled around looking for Parish, the rest of the Alpha team, along with Skylar, continued to figure out the photo stimulator and how it worked, all the while trying to locate Rosen and Parish. Skylar made a prototype that attempted to cut power to the New York City power grid without it automatically turning back on.

The Alpha team received a report of an accident down in the tunnels where a handful of people died as a result of the photo stimulator. The team had workers to put in power grid protectors throughout the city, but Parish disabled them and put photo stims in their place. Kat threatened to leave the team once she found that they hung her out to dry when she was in the convoy. With good reason, she continued to harbor a grudge throughout the episode.

I absolutely loved the girl bonding scene.  There were so few quite moments during the episode, with all of the action and intensity that this scene came as a breath of fresh air. Throughout the series, I have always been a little miffed that there were only two female Alphas on the Alpha team. But this season, with the addition of hilarious newcomer Kat and Skylar now becoming a more prominent character, there is more gender balance. With that said, there has never been a scene with all four of the women together alone (well, until Hicks came in). Throughout the episode, they seemed to have a more prominent role, mostly due to the aid of Skylar. So, to see their dynamic was a great deal of fun.

Once again, Gary continued to stay in the hospital to be with is ailing mother. Rosen found Gary and asked him to help figure out where Parish was going to be when he said he was going to “watch from a God’s eye view.” He sent his boss in the direction of the Empire State Building. Before he departed the hospital, he stole some drugs with the intent of injecting them in Parish.

On the way to the Empire State building, he went to Grand Central Station to catch a train. While there, he looked up to see the constellation painting on the ceiling that was painted backwards on purpose: a God’s eye view of the stars. Parish was at the train station, not at the Empire State Building. And so, the showdown between the two began.

Parish revealed his plan for Rosen post-disaster. He wanted the doctor to be the leader of the new Alpha population. I was surprised that he tormented Rosen all that time just for him to agree to become the leader of the new Alphas. Rosen couldn’t find it in himself to kill Parish, but Hicks did. He came up and shot Parish in the head. I didn’t get why he did it because it is known that Parish would just heal like Wolverine.

Rachel, Skylar, and Kat went to insert the prototype into the main power grid in NYC, but it was unsuccessful and lights came back on. This was another one of my favorite scenes in the episode. A couple of great one-liners occurred between Kat and Skylar that had me chuckling.

Bill joined the four girls and traveled to Grand Central to shut down a grid that automatically keeps Manhattan’s power grid running. A shootout ensued and Skylar and Kat were successful in turning it off for the city, except for the train station.

The episode ended with the lights flashing, only in the station, and everyone collapsing to the ground. Well, everyone except Gary. He walked through the corpses trying to find his team. He finally found them with Parish, knocked out on the ground just like everyone else.

I really thought Gary was going to bite the dust because, throughout the episode, there were a few foreshadowing moments where people would tell him to stay away from the train station or that it was dangerous. Surprisingly, no one died in the episode, well except for Parish, but he will heal himself and come back to life so it doesn’t count.

Since Dr. Rosen isn’t an Alpha and was exposed to the flash, isn’t he supposed to be dead? And why was Gary the only one not affected by the photo stimulator? It was an excellent episode to finish off their sophomore run.

Season Two was far stronger than their first, and I would love to see where the show would go in its third. So, here’s to hoping the series gets picked up for another season!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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