Review: 666 Park Avenue – The Dead Don’t Stay Dead


by Ashley Binion

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

“The Dead Don’t Stay Dead” starts off right where the last episode ended, with Jane locked inside the secret room. The room appeared to be a storage room with a bunch of creepy dolls and boxes. But thank goodness for cell phones because she used it as a flashlight. In typical fashion, the phone battery died. But don’t worry, Clueless Henry was to the rescue! While she was trying to escape, a creepy child grabbed her leg. This little girl showed up in the episode a few more times.

Jane had another vision or premonition—a bleeding door and the same little girl. She later saw her again roaming the halls on Jane’s floor. Obviously, this girl is trying to tell her something.

Olivia and Gavin recognized the tenth anniversary of their daughter’s death. This was the most insightful part of the episode. It was revealed that their daughter actually left a note before her death, telling Olivia that Gavin is evil. But Olivia never showed her husband the note. It’s surprising to find out she knows about her daughters misgivings because it seemed as if the husband and wife were united in the evil doings.  Does this mean she has been playing Gavin the whole time?

There was a good amount of Gavin and Henry interaction this episode. Henry told Gavin he wanted to become the chief of staff for City Councilman Edwards because he believed he would make a run for the mayor’s office. Since Edwards was in his pocket, he made it happen. But when Edwards refused to help Gavin regarding some property zoning, he pushed him down the elevator shaft.  Bye-bye, Councilman Edwards.

We met another resident of The Drake, Annie, an obituary writer. As per usual, she was unhappy in her line of work and wanted to write important pieces. Gavin being Gavin, told her to be creative. So, the next obituary she completely made up. It was so successful she was asked to write a feature on the same man. To her surprise, everything she began writing came true. With that, we are left with her being tied up by the assassin she made up in her feature article. I actually liked that they didn’t wrap up her storyline in one episode like they have the other tenants.

Nothing important happened on the Louise/Creeper Brian/Alexis front. Brian is thinking about moving, and while Henry was looking at his lease, he saw Alexis flaunting herself in her apartment.

The episode ended with Jane going back down to the creepy door in the basement because she began hearing the same bell sound from earlier. It led her to a suitcase, which she decided to take up to their apartment. The closing image of the episode was of something inside the suitcase trying to break free.

In my opinion, this has been probably the strongest outing for the show yet. I have to attribute it to the fact that we actually saw Gavin scheming more. We now know the revelation about his daughter, and that he is interested in a project in which Henry is involved.

What’s in the suitcase? And what is Gavin’s plan for Henry?

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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  1. darciNovember 19th, 2012 at 1:42 pm

    Wow just found out this show was cancelled, I’m kinda bummed I thought it had potential. This was my favorite episode of the season so far because I really like the character of Annie Morgan – there’s something about the naive journalist falling into supernatural danger angle that is always enticing to me, even if plenty of variations on this theme have been done in countless movies/shows.

    One other thing, this episode introduced me to a creepy/awesome remix of “Blue Jeans” by Lana Del Rey that I’d never heard before, it plays during that NYC club scene where all the girls are dancing, does anybody have any info on this? I loved it’s moodiness.

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