Return of Wonder Woman?


by Ashley Binion

There has been buzz about a new Wonder Woman pilot in its early development stages. This time, CW is throwing their hat into the ring to bring the amazon woman back to the small screen.

Why is it so hard to get Wonder Woman made, whether as a TV show or a movie? As recently as last year, NBC rejected writer-producer David E. Kelley’s pilot. It seems like every year the same news breaks that “A new Wonder Woman pilot/movie got a script order!” But she can never grab that primetime spot.

Reportedly, the script would be similar to Smallville–an origin story. Is the reason for Smallville’s ten-year success because Superman is the one of the most, or arguably the most, recognizable superheroes on the planet? Or is it because the take on Smallville was completely different from old Superman series like Lois and Clark? I think it was a combination of both. Sure, there were some seasons where the show was painful to watch, but for nerds everywhere, it was an overall success.

Premiering this fall on CW is Arrow, another superhero origin story. Would an origin story about Diana of Themyscira/Diana Prince stay true to canon? I believe so. The network has a tight relationship with DC Comics which almost ensures they will get the characters right, at least I hope.

I’m excited for this take on Wonder Woman. I really enjoyed how Smallville pulled off Superman’s early years, even though I wasn’t too fond of the teenage drama.

Could this actually be good news for Wonder Woman? Or will it just be more déjà vu?

Photo Credit: DC Comics

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  1. Misha LeeSeptember 12th, 2012 at 5:58 am

    *fingers crossed*

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