Prison Break: Resurrection – “Progeny” Review


By: Jaclyn Cascio (@jaclynator)

Father’s Day is nearly a month away, but it seems Prison Break: Resurrection wanted to get a story in about fathers and their children while they still could. “Progeny,” the eighth episode of the revival series, certainly lived up to its name, and it was actually a pretty nifty idea. Read on for a review of this week’s episode of Prison Break: Resurrection!

“Progeny” was an aptly named episode, introducing us to the children of characters, whether it was expected or not. (There was quite a surprise this episode, but I won’t be the one to reveal the twist if you haven’t watched the episode yet.) In a quiet way, it posed the question of nature vs. nurture while examining the offspring and their fathers. What is learned and what is already ingrained? Are we destined to become our parents? Prison Break: Resurrection was really asking the big questions this week!

The strength of this week’s episode was that it took a step back to days when Michael had a plan. In “Progeny,” there were lots of moving pieces on both sides and each side had to shift their pieces with care. Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) has been a memorable character for years because of his intelligence and ability to manipulate the pieces to achieve his goals. While the last few episodes of Prison Break have left too much to chance and improvisation for my taste, this week brought us back to what makes the show (and Michael) successful! Even better, Jacob Ness/Poseidon (Mark Feuerstein) has stepped up his game with his own plans and thus becomes an appropriate foil for Michael. Now free from the cover of mild-mannered professor, Poseidon comes into his own, a creative mind able to compete with Michael and really make things challenging (and exciting for us)! A true game of wits begins, and with Michael and Poseidon going head-to-head, no one can predict what’s going to happen!

Now that the praises for Michael’s intelligence have been sung, it’s also time to point out that despite his best laid plans, “Progeny” showed Michael making several mistakes and falling victim to the tricks that should only take in the most gullible of sorts – not a genius like him. At first, I was disappointed with the writers for giving Michael a quality antagonist only to dumb Michael down. But after the episode, I realized that wasn’t necessarily the case. My mind drifted to the world of comic books (as it’s often wont to do). When the creators of Superman thought up the Kryptonian super-hero, they quickly realized that they had made a protagonist who was too powerful and therefore unable to be defeated. What’s the fun if the good guy always wins, without a scratch? (Hint: It’s not fun.) In comes green kryptonite (among other colors with various effects on the man of steel), and suddenly the undefeatable has a weakness to be exploited and used. Now there’s a sense of danger that wasn’t there before, and readers fear for their hero. Prison Break: Resurrection has set up Michael as its own personal Superman. With superior intellect and multiple contingencies when plans fall through, Michael was simply unbeatable. Give him a son he can lose, a child potentially in danger, and there’s the kryptonite we needed! We still know that, like Superman, Michael is likely to still prevail, but at least there’s now potential for everything to crash and burn (for a little while).

This week’s episode brought back T-Bag (Robert Knepper) with an exemplary performance, but booted out Sucre (Amaury Nolasco), which was unfortunate since he adds an indefinable flair to the show that simply can’t be substituted. He was, to be frank, the best part of last week’s episode of Prison Break: Resurrection, and his continued presence on the team would have been welcome. But who knows what the finale will bring?

Speaking of the finale for the revival season of Prison Break – It’s coming next week! This week’s episode was a smart set-up for what is likely to be an action-packed and exciting finale! “Progeny” set up the board and next week we will see how the game ultimately plays out. Intrigue and danger abound and where it’s going to leave all the characters at the end of it all, we can only guess!

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