Prison Break: Resurrection – Ep. 5 “Contingency” Review


By Jaclyn Cascio (@jaclynator)
Michael and Lincoln are on the run, just like the good old days of Prison Break. But this time around, the stakes are even higher. An entire city is after them and it’s not just about getting out. It’s about staying alive. Find out how this week’s episode of Prison Break: Resurrection went and read on for a review!
Danger. Danger. Danger. This week’s episode of Prison Break, “Contingency,” thrusts the newly reunited brothers and team into the dangers of the city, with a man-hunt underway to find them. It’s not a man-hunt that could end in prison, however. Certain death awaits anyone who gets caught. With the threat of fatal violence hanging overhead, the action of the episode takes on new meaning and makes events even more exciting!
Meanwhile, back in the United States, Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) has received some disturbing news from T-Bag (Robert Knepper) and must decide what to believe. In true Prison Break fashion, just when you think you’re absolutely sure about what is going on, the rug is pulled out from underneath. Just as Sara questions her judgment and the situation presented to her, viewers will likely find themselves in a similar quandary. What is true? Who is lying? “Contingency” is an exemplary illustration of successfully keeping the audience in the dark!
While Sara deals with her own mystery, we’re still wondering about this “whip hand” conundrum that seems to come up just about every time Whip (Augustus Prew) and Michael (Wentworth Miller) interact. It’s clearly going to have a big pay-off in future episodes, but in the here and now, we’re left confused. Luckily, we know a little bit more about how Michael got involved with the perpetually evasive Poseidon. (Spoiler: His reasons seem pretty legit. I’m losing faith in my “he turned dark side” theory.)
“Contingency” had a beautiful scene between Michael and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell). In a moment of weakness and despair, we learn that Michael isn’t the unfeeling, thinking machine he often presents himself as. In fact, his biggest and most manipulated flaw might be that he actually cares too much. He is the man with the plan because he simply can’t afford to see the people and the consequences involved. We see a man who has carried a burden alone for so long, the weight of the world on his shoulders, and is losing strength and hope. But the heart of Prison Break is the relationship between Michael and Lincoln, and the moment between them in the episode is the best of what makes them so great! One has brains, the other brawn, but both have big ol’ hearts!
This week’s episode of Prison Break: Resurrection was full of pursuit, flight, danger, mystery, and feels… All of which made the show great originally. It took a while for the revival season to get going and meet the impossibly high standards we all have, but this week’s episode was another solid piece of work that moved the story along. Who knows what will come next?
To watch Prison Break: Resurrection, tune in to Fox on Tuesday nights at 9/8c!

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