Preacher: “Pig” Review


By: Jaclyn Cascio (@jaclynator)

This week, Preacher took on its seventh episode of the season, and while we might not be any closer to finding God, “Pig” introduced some fun material that will have you laughing out loud, even if you have to muffle it so people don’t think you’re a horrible human being! Read on for a review of this week’s episode of Preacher!

Preacher opened this week with another slightly confusing cold open – a floating pig in Vietnam – giving the episode its namesake for the week. (Although how they missed out on the beautiful opportunity to call the episode “When Pigs Fly,” I’ll never understand.) The floating swine brought us back face-to-face with Herr Starr (Pip Torrens), a domineering man in a white suit from the mysterious world-dominating organization Jesse (Dominic Cooper) found himself entangled with earlier in the season. While the levitating hog was a strange storyline eventually lacking a clear explanation, it served as a powerful introduction to the story of Herr Starr and his potential path-crossing with the (not often) heroic God-hunting trio.

In fact, the story of Herr Starr was where a good portion of the episode’s laughs came from! Torrens gave a performance that was completely deadpan with a trace of boredom, incredibly pulling the character into the spirit of the series with unmatched finesse. His fighting style, his sweet-talking, and his marksmanship were certainly spectacles to behold, inspiring more than one guilty chuckle from the audience, to be sure. He killed (pun most definitely intended) the competition when it came to earning a coveted place in the white-suit/red tie organization. Of course, an organization aiming for an apocalypse into which they could bring their prized leader to light would HAVE to be run by the old yellow-eyed demon himself, Azazel…er, I mean…Fredric Lehne. (I could have sworn the Winchesters took care of him in Supernatural, but it looks like he moved on to other endeavors, ha!) Okay, okay… I’m mixing universes, I know. But you know you were thinking it too!

Meanwhile, Jesse, Tulip (Ruth Negga), and Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) were out for fun after searching the last jazz bar in New Orleans with no God to be found. With a nod to a previous episode where a good time could be found while wearing a bullet-proof vest at the barrel end of a gun, the crew headed out and nabbed a few dollars in the process. In “Pig,” the antics of Herr Starr could only be outdone by Tulip’s overly dramatic cries of woe at the alleged loss of Cassidy in a con the trio might have been able to pull off in their sleep.

Despite the laughs of “Pig,” there were some serious issues for the trio to wrestle with. Tough-as-nails Tulip has begun to emotionally crack after her near-death experience at the hands of the Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish). Jesse is questioning the cost of losing part of his soul. And finally, Cassidy is forced to face the condition of Denis (Ronald Guttman) and how some supernatural traits might come into play.

While “Pig” once again left us with a handful of detours and little of the search for God, it was so enjoyable, I’m willing to forgive that little flaw (and the lack of Eugene’s hell story) this time around. I laughed more times this week at Preacher than I would ever willingly admit to a real preacher, and I also felt the depth of the characters as they each began a personal emotional journey in their own little worlds. Throw in some visually stimulating white suits, one of Cassidy’s classically odd-ball outfits, and a splash of blood, and this week’s episode of Preacher was a rip-roaring good time! (Don’t tell my mother about the blood part.)

Preacher is on AMC every Monday night at 9/8c, if you’re hankering for some strangely amusing blood, gore, and conversation!

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