Party Like Your Hair Just Grew Back: 4 Must Haves for Your Tangled Viewing


by Gwendolyn Y. McNutt, CSEP (@gmcnuttplans)
Unless you’ve been living in a tower, you must have heard that Nerd 001 “aka” Zachary Levi will be reprising his Tangled role as Flynn Rider, in a new animated series called Tangled: The Series. The new show will air on the Disney Channel and premiere in early March beginning with an original animated movie called Tangled: Before Ever After; and will then kick-off the series episodes a couple of weeks later.
What we know so far, is that Rapunzel will be embarking on many new adventures, one of which allows her to restore her golden locks; and that means a chance for new challenges and exciting changes to come. As Flynn and Rapunzel start their new journey together, why not share the experience with your friends, by planning a Tangled viewing party. This will be your chance to celebrate the start of the new series and party like your hair just grew back. Here are four must haves to make your latest visit to the Kingdom of Corona a memorable one.
First, you’ll need to set the scene by creating an enchanting celebration in your own empire. Decorate your space by using jewel-tones, along with pink, purple and gold accents. Paper lanterns and Flynn Rider wanted posters will also add a festive touch to the décor. Other great design ideas include castle and tower centerpieces or items that represent Rapunzel’s hair, Maximus and Pascal, as each of them are an integral part of the Tangled story. You may also pay homage to Flynn by giving away satchels filled with treasures as swag bags for your guests, including DVDs of the original movie, ring pops and other Tangled themed goodies.
Second, serve up some princess-worthy drinks and eats. Although you may not have a royal budget, you can still create your own version of the Snuggly Duckling or recreate the meal from the village square lantern festival for your party guests. Invite your guests to nibble on popcorn and braided pretzels, or an opportunity to snack on an Angel Hair Pasta bar, baguettes, cheese and fruit. And to keep costs down if you’re on a budget, ask your guests to bring a dish to contribute to your spread. Yet, no feast would be complete without some delicious sweet treats. Top off your meal with a Mother Gothel’s cupcake tower or some skillet and sun-shaped cookies. A creative and clever signature drink such as, “Pascal’s Punch,” a tasty punch topped with colorful, edible flowers to symbolize Pascal’s changing chameleon colors, is also always a winner. You might want to also have some “Corona’s” on hand to round out your beverage list.
Third, since no Tangled viewing party would be complete without a little cosplay, create some hair-raising costumes for the event. And who doesn’t love to play dress up? So, make sure to invite your friends to come to the party dressed as their favorite Tangled character. They can keep their costumes simple with just a crown or wig; or they can be as over-the-top with their gear as they desire. Having some tiaras, crowns and wigs on hand for your visitors is also a great way to involve those that were not able to make or wear a costume. However, if you are going to have costumes, then a costume contest is a must. Let your cosplaying friends walk the runway in front of the group and be judged in categories such as, best dressed, most creative and most detailed design.
Finally, don’t forget the smolder…booth that is. As you know, Flynn Rider is known for his smoldering good looks and he’ll use them when necessary. Why not set up your own Smolder Booth, so that your guests can share their best smolder in front of the camera in honor of Flynn. Create some wanted poster frames for your guests to hold as props in your booth; and provide them with a fun and interactive activity for the entire evening. Another entertaining activity for your party guests is a creative scavenger hunt to find Flynn Rider’s satchel. Fill a special satchel with cool treats and place it at the end of the hunt. The first person to successfully complete the scavenger hunt clues and find the satchel, wins the bag and its contents. Competition and prizes are guaranteed to keep your friends entertained and engaged until the main event begins.
By incorporating these four must haves, you’ll be well on your way to a very successful visit back to the Kingdom of Corona and the world of Tangled. I can hardly wait to invite my own friends over to my house for a viewing party of the new animated series. Even though your guests won’t be swinging from trees by their hair, they’ll still think your party is the “The Best Day Ever!” Happy planning!

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