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By Angela Dahl (@AngelaDahling)

The Doctor Who panel at Nerd HQ today was a true Who event. Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, and Steven Moffat answered questions from fans and from their hilarious host, Nathan Fillion. Nathan started things off by asking all Matt, Jenna, and Moffat where they were when they got the call that they got the part. The answers were on a cobblestone street, at a grocery store holding an avocado, and on a plane to Greece, respectively. Jenna in particular had difficulty processing the fact that she got the part, so she dropped the avocado and her phone, and took a walk. Both Matt and Jenna said that they spent a lot of time walking after they got their news, simply because they couldn’t tell anyone for months.

A question about what is left on their bucket lists was posed to the trio, and after Nathan explained to the confused Brits that a bucket list was a list of things to do before you died, Matt said, “I’ll start with Jennifer Lawrence.” After her, he added conquering time travel and went on a bit of a nerd tangent about how he heard time traveling forward is actually possible. Still on death and bucket lists, Matt teased Moffat about how he’s “nearly there,” and Moff (as he’s called by Matt) quickly shot back, “Not as near as you are on the script I’m writing.” Then the panel was interrupted from a phone call from Mark Gatiss, who unfortunately was not put on speakerphone.

Jenna was asked how she felt about the “Impossible Girl” story being over, and she asserted that she’s still The Impossible Girl and her story’s not over yet. Matt was asked by a little girl why he’s leaving and said, “You gotta go when you gotta go,” only to shortly after say “I made a mistake!” He was told that he was the little girl’s favorite doctor, so he told her that they were going to take a picture after the panel was over. Moffat discussed his amazement at the fact that anyone has the faintest idea of who he is at all, and he has been told by his wife that every time someone stops him, he looks like he’s being arrested. During these answers, Zachary Levi himself popped in to bring Jenna a pillow for her chair, thus proving he’s as chivalrous as anyone who’s played a Disney man should be.

Another little one asked the trio which episodes were their favorites. Matt mentioned episodes with the Weeping Angels, Matt and Jenna said “Asylum of the Daleks,” Moffat listed “The Name of the Doctor” because he went through so much pain to write it, “The Eleventh Hour,” and “Vampires of Venice” because he watched that episode recently and forgot how good it was. Matt added that “Vincent and the Doctor” is also a good one, and then they all agreed to stop listing episodes because it would never end.

When asked a question about the possibility of the TARDIS appearing on 221B Baker Street, Moffat only said that “it would just be a horrible competition between two egomaniacs,” and evaded answering any question about Benedict Cumberbatch appearing on the show. When asked what advice he would give the next doctor, Matt role-played with Nathan and said, “You’re gonna have a great time.” Matt also compared playing the Doctor to playing Hamlet because “it has to be your own.”

Lastly, Moffat told the audience that one of the Eleventh Doctor’s catchphrases, “Come along, Pond” was not written by him, but was first said by Matt to Karen, who called her Pond in real life, on the first day of shooting in costume. Moffat went on to explain that great catchphrases just sort of happen, and he wrote “Bow ties are cool” because he knew people would say, “Oh god, he’s wearing a bow tie” about the new doctor. By the end of the panel Moffat, inspired by Jenna dropping her middle name, told the audience that he is also dropping a part of his name, and instead of “Moffat,” he’d like to be referred to as “Steven Fat.” Overall, Nathan, Matt, Jenna, and Steven Fat created a comfortable, welcoming environment for the hyperventilating Whovians. Myself included.

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