Overwatch: Year of the Rooster Event Brings New Loot and Capture the Flag


By: John Hartzog

Hot off the heels of the Winter Wonderland event, the team at Blizzard just kicked off the Year of the Rooster on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. This update brings new loot to collect, new game modes, and quality of life adjustments for players.
This is the fourth in a series of seasonal events that Blizzard has pushed out showing it is committed to keeping the community involved outside of additional maps, heroes, and competitive seasons. During this three-week event, Lunar Loot will replace the standard loot boxes which guarantee players at least one event-specific item. These can be earned playing the various game modes or purchased online. Blizzard has added over a hundred new emotes, sprays, and skins including the epically awesome Monkey-King Winston, so there are plenty of new items to go after.

In addition, a new brawl has been added in arcade mode dubbed “Capture the Rooster” which is Blizzard’s take on Capture-the-Flag. This game type allows players to protect their own rooster emblazoned flag while attempting to snag the enemy’s. This has been a highly requested game mode for quite a while and it’s nice that Jeff Kaplan and his team finally decided to bring it into the game, even if it’s only for a limited time. I, personally, have a great time playing on defense as Symettra. On offense I take to wall-riding my way back to the point as Lucio and leaping around as an enraged Winston, both are great new uses of their movement abilities. This mode really puts hero power sets to work in a different way and provides a lot of fun to veteran players looking for something in-between competitive matches.
Players will also find a series of smaller changes including a new set of customizable wheels that will allow them to set up to four emotes, sprays, and voice lines. A couple of notable character changes including the introduction of what’s been called “Hook 2.0”. This adjustment includes a series of line of sight checks for Roadhog’s hook to prevent him from pulling heroes around and through walls. While, D.va players will find her armor has been reduced down to two hundred instead of four hundred. Finally, be sure to check out the menu options for Lucio and turn on his ability to wall-ride backwards. I haven’t quite mastered it yet but it is super fun to try out.

The Overwatch Year of the Rooster event is now live and will run until February 13th.


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