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By Justin Jasso (@jjasso007)

What a great year for film 2015 was. Across the board, from animation to drama, there were outstanding performances, true immersion into what a character entails and unforgettable scenes that will be talked about for years to come. We laughed, we cried, we were angry, and we were sorrowful. Such is the power of a great story with outstanding performances, taking us on a journey and allowing us to further explore what it means to be human and to be alive. Thus, at the end of the year, we reward those films we felt were the best with some form of golden trophy, as a thank you for their hard work and dedication to the art. With the Oscars upon us this weekend, here are our main predictions for the 88th Academy Awards.

Best Original Screenplay

Bridge of Spies

Ex Machina

Inside Out

Spotlight – All the nominees are great films in their own right, but Spotlight stands far ahead of the pack. Tackling the Catholic Church’s sexual abuse of children in Boston, and following the trail up to Rome, this true story focuses on a narrative that put the world on its head. With an amazing ensemble cast delivering award-caliber performances, Spotlight etched its mark in film history and puts the spotlight on their Oscar win.

Straight Outta Compton

Best Adapted Screenplay

The Big Short – Another great ensemble film, looking at the banking world prior to the housing collapse around 2007, the film contains comedy and drama, taking us behind the scenes of what was really going on with the loans people were given and how banks preyed on Americans, and, in the end, got away with it all. The only benefit of this story is that this film was made, and takes home Oscar gold for its efforts.



The Martian


Best Animated Film


Boy and the World

Inside Out – This really wasn’t even a competition this year. Such an amazing animated film, with so much emotion and heart. And that scene… that scene that had people crying in the theaters, it alone deserves an Oscar. Congrats Inside Out, we love you!

Shaun the Sheep movie

When Marnie Was There

Best Supporting Actress

Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Hateful Eight)

Rooney Mara (Carol)

Rachel McAdams (Spotlight)

Alicia Vikander (The Danish Girl) – In all honestly, Alicia could have also been nominated for her role as a live artificial intelligence in the film, Ex Machina. She was not, but more than earns her new Oscar trophy with her performance here. With a beautiful performance to compliment Eddie Redmayne, Vikander demonstrates why she’s the new star in Hollywood and one we should look forward to for years to come.

Kate Winslet (Steve Jobs)

Best Supporting Actor

Christian Bale (The Big Short)

Tom Hardy (The Revenant)

Mark Ruffalo (Spotlight)

Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies)

Sylvester Stallone (Creed) – All of the actors in this category were amazing in their respective films, and an argument can be made for any of them. With that being said, I think the award goes to ol’ Sly Stallone. Maybe it’s a sentimental pick for all he’s done throughout his career, and maybe he just earned it. But, at the end up the night, film’s favorite fighter, Rocky, will once again be raising gold.

Best Actress

Cate Blanchett (Carol)

Brie Larson (Room) – If you haven’t seen Room, you’re probably not alone. But if you have, you know Brie is more than deserving of this award. Her role as a captive and as a mother taking care of her child through such difficult circumstances is the stuff women are made of. So much respect for this film, for Larson in this role, and for the story that was shared. Hands down winner in my mind.

Jennifer Lawrence (Joy)

Charlotte Rampling (45 Years)

Saoirse Ronan (Brooklyn)

Best Actor

Bryan Cranston (Trumbo)

Matt Damon (The Martian)

Leonardo DiCaprio (The Revenant) – So many times Leo has been nominated, and so many times he’s lost. Until this time. DiCaprio’s performance was a game changer, a total immersion into a role typically only found by actors named Daniel Day Lewis, and so gritty and powerful that you really don’t take your face from the screen. And that scene with the bear…one you’ll never forget. Leo, I applaud you sir. Congratulations on your Oscar.

Michael Fassbender (Steve Jobs)

Eddie Redmayne (The Danish Girl)

Best Director

Adam McKay (The Big Short)

George Miller (Mad Max: Fury Road)

Alejandro G. Inarritu (The Revenant) – Now, there’s a good chance Inarritu doesn’t win this award this year. The reason: he won it last year for Birdman. And, quite frankly, all of these directors are deserving of the win in their own right. But Inarritu has crafted such a beautiful film with amazing performances and such wonderful cinematography, he’s revolutionizing what it means to put art on film. And this year, he again earns his gold.

Lenny Abrahamson (Room)

Tom McCarthy (Spotlight)

Best Picture

The Big Short

Bridge of Spies


Mad Max: Fury Road

The Martian

The Revenant – SUCH a difficult choice here. I really feel it could go to Spotlight, and it should, but the fact that Spotlight and The Big Short are a similar type of story, I feel they cancel each other out, leaving the win for The Revenant. It really could go either way, and one of these three films will walk away with the Best Picture, but, since I have to make a prediction, I’m using the “cancellation” theory and choosing The Revenant.




Again, an amazing year for film. Catch up on some of the reviews with the hyperlinks provided, and get out there and watch these amazing pieces of art. They will change your life for the better.

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