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By Marianne Paluso (Marianne_P81)

3×12 “New York City Serenade”

Emma: You’re a crazy person or a liar. Or both.
Killian: I prefer dashing rapscallion. Scoundrel?

Regina (to Snow): Now, let’s get back to our castle.

Killian: Swan – I knew you wouldn’t let me rot in that cage. I’ve been in my fair share of brigs, but none so barbaric as that. They force-fed me something called bologna.

Emma: If what you’re saying is true. I would have to give up my life here.
Killian: It’s all based on lies.
Emma: It’s real and it’s pretty good. I have Henry, a job, a guy I love.
Killian: Perhaps there’s a man that you love in the life that you’ve lost.

Snow: (Talking about Robin) He’s kind of cute, huh?
Regina: He smells like a forest!

Emma: You came all the way back here to save my family?
Killian: I came back to save you.

3×13 “Witch Hunt”

Charming: (about a flying monkey) What the hell was that that thing?
Dr. Whale: Don’t look at me. I’m a doctor, not a vet.

Snow: We were cellmates.
Henry: Really? What were you in for?
Snow: Banditry.

3×14 “The Tower”

Emma: You’re glad to hear I got my heart broken?
Killian: If it can be broken, it means it still works.

3×17 “The Jolly Roger”

Ariel: How am I supposed to believe a man who no longer believes in love?
Killian: I still do.
Ariel: Then swear to me on it. This woman who broke your heart, do you still love her?
Killian: Yes.
Ariel: Then swear to me on her name
Killian: I swear on Emma Swan.

3×19 “A Curious Thing”

Robin: Where I come from, a simple thank you would suffice.
Regina: Where you come from, people bathe in the river and use pinecones for money!

Snow: Besides true love, the most powerful magic is footwear. It has to be protected.

Killian: Henry this is a friend of mine, Mr. Smee.
Henry: Like from Peter Pan?
Smee: You remember?
Henry: I’ve seen that movie a million times.

Snow: I can’t crush your heart. I can’t lose you.
Charming: You could never lose me.
Snow: Our child will never know its father.
Charming: Of course it will – through you. We’ve always shared one heart. It will only grow stronger when you look at that baby’s face. To see the love I have for you in its eyes.
Snow: I have loved you since the first moment I saw you.
Charming: And I’ll love you until my last.

3×21 “Snow Drifts”
Grumpy: Ding-dong! That witch is done, and it’s a good thing. Because if that Sleeping Beauty had been a monkey a day longer, she would have had a monkey baby.

Killian: (after Emma falls through the portal) One of these days I’m going to stop chasing this woman!

Emma: How would I know how to get back to the future? Who do I look like Marty McFly?
Killian: Marty McWho?
Emma: The kid with the Delorean and the lightning, who went back in time?
Killian: Was he some sort of wizard?

Rumplestiltskin: Why haven’t I killed him (pointing to Killian)?
Killian: If makes you feel better, it wasn’t from lack of effort. Let’s just say we buried the hatchet.
Rumplestiltskin: Yes, but why not in your skull?

Past!Hook: (Carrying Emma onto the ship) Behold the Rolly Joger!

Emma: Wait, are you saying you know how to do whatever this is?
Killian: It’s called a waltz. There’s only one rule. Pick a partner who knows what he’s doing.

Emma: You get my first dance at my first ball and all you can say is I told you so.
Killian: I believe what I’m trying to say, Your Highness, is that you appear to be a natural.

3×22 “There’s No Place Like Home”

Killian: Snow White doesn’t have your ring. But I can tell you who does – My Princess.

Charming: This whole ordeal makes me wonder if even there’s even such a thing as true love.
Killian: I once felt as you did, mate. All it took was meeting the right person and everything changed.
Charming: Princess Leia, the one we’re rescuing?
Killian: Aye. I’d go to the end of the world for her, or time.

Killian: It’s okay, Swan. Not everyone gets a chance to watch their parents fall in love…They’re heading away from each other.
Emma: No, it’s okay. That’s how it happened the first time. It took my parents a while to accept their feelings.
Killian: Must run the family.

Killian: I think not having magic makes it a hell of a lot easier to run back to New York and pretend to be somebody else. Well listen to me, Swan – you’re not! It’s time to stop running.
Emma: You think I don’t know that? Yes, I run away; that’s how I’ve always survived. But believe me, I want this to work. I want to go back. I want to stop running.
Killian: What’s changed your mind?
Emma: Watching my mother die. Thinking she was dead. You saw what happened. I was so relieved when she was okay and I hugged her and you know what I saw in her eyes? Nothing. She didn’t know who I was. I had saved her and lost her too. And that’s what I’ve been doing to her since I met her. It’s got to stop. When Henry brought me to Storybrooke, he told me I was the Savior. I didn’t see what he was really doing. He wasn’t bringing me back to break a curse. He was bringing me home. Neal was right. You don’t have a home ‘til you just miss it. And being with my parents these past few days and not really being with them, I have never missed them more. Storybrooke is my home.

Emma: I’m home.
Henry: We’re staying in Storybrooke?
Emma: Yeah, kid. This is where we belong. This is where our family is. Mom, Dad, I missed you.

Emma: Rumplestiltskin said everything but our little adventure would go back to normal. Do you think that it is?
Killian: He’s right. Otherwise I’d remember that damn bar wench I kissed.
Emma: How would that prove anything?
Killian: I know how you kiss. I’d have gone after her.

Killian: You’re a bloody hero Swan.
Emma: So are you.

Emma: You traded your ship for me?
Killian: Aye.

Belle: Rumplestiltskin. This thing we have has never been easy. I’ve lost you so many times. I’ve lost you to darkness, to weakness, and finally to death. But now I realize, I have not spent my life losing you. I’ve spent my life finding you.
Rumplestiltskin: Belle – when we met, I wasn’t just unloved and unloving. I was an enemy of love. Love had only brought me pain. My walls were up, but you brought them down. You brought me home. You brought light into my life, chased away all the darkness.

Belle: Sometimes the best book has the dustiest jacket. And sometimes the best teacup is chipped.

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