Once Upon a Time: Tiny


by Justin Jasso (@jjasso007)


When last we left our favorite fairy tale characters, Mr. Gold went to Emma and told her he was calling in his favor: for her to leave Storybrooke with him to find his son. Henry decides to go along, and Gold, Henry and Emma leave Storybrooke on their way to the airport. Meanwhile, Regina arrives at the Charming residence to see Henry. Unfortunately, Snow has to let her know that Henry has left out of town with Emma and Gold, much to Regina’s displeasure.

Later, Snow and Charming, along with Grumpy, question Hook about the ship he came on. So Hook takes them to the ship and show, locked in a cage, is our favorite giant (Jorge Garcia), shrunk down to human size. Snow sets him free, telling him he’s safe now. But once the giant, whose real name is Anton, sees Charming, he gets angry, knocking out Grumpy and besting Charming before escaping. Snow asks why he’s so angry at Charming, and Charming says there can be only one reason: Anton mistakes him for his brother!

Flashback to Anton’s past, up above the beanstalk, he lives with his brother giants. They make fun of him, calling him “Tiny” as he’s small for Giant stature. Anton doesn’t believe that all humans are bad, and despises the fact that his brothers hate humans, so Anton decides to go visit them himself. He climbs down the beanstalk, and runs into a man and woman: Charming’s brother, James, and Jacqueline, who also goes by Jack! Jack gives Anton a mushroom from another land which shrinks him town to human size. After a night of revelry, Jack tells Anton that James’ kingdom is in debt and they need money or there will be a war. She said that magic beans would solve the problem as their value is very high, but Anton can’t part with the beans. However, since these are now his “friends,” he can get them treasure.

So Anton heads back up the beanstalk and is collecting treasure, when warning birds start sounding. The humans, led by James and jack, are attacking. A fight ensues and all of Anton’s brothers are killed by poisoned weapons. Jack is killed as well, while James escapes with treasure. James is the cause of everyone important to Anton being killed, and he will have his revenge one day.

Back in Storybrooke, Regina has approached Anton and gave him a mushroom to increase his height again so he can destroy the city and kill Charming. This way, Charming will be dead (one of her ultimate goals). However, the mushroom will only last for a short time. Charming goes and finds Anton and explains to him that he wasn’t the one who did the evil things to him, it was his twin brother. They say that, if Emma was there, she would tell them the same. However Emma isn’t available as she’s “out of town,” but Charming is willing to give himself up if Anton leaves the citizens alone. Anton agrees and jumps at Charming, who moves. A huge hole is created and, when Snow and Charming look into it, find a normal sized Anton hanging on for dear life to a pipe. If he let goes, he’ll fall to his death.

The townspeople get together and help get Anton out, showing that they are good people. Anton is grateful and just so happens to have a beanstalk sapling which can be planted and may help them go back home. The dwarves give Anton an axe, in which the name ‘Tiny’ appears, and they all begin tilling the ground to plant the beanstalk. Meanwhile, Emma, Henry and Gold board a plane, after Gold finds out he no longer has magic power outside of Storybrooke, and take off in search of his son.

Tiny wasn’t the most exciting episode of season two and definitely felt like a filler piece. I have to give kudos to Robert Carlyle as Mr. Gold. He’s one of the better actors I’ve come across in television in some time. Although this episode wasn’t a huge focus on his storyline, when he realizes he is now powerless without his magic, you almost see a physical reversion to who he was before he became Rumple. A man who is a coward, and to a point, hopeless and powerless. This was also a realization that Emma has at the end.

I appreciated the fact that the show brought Jorge Garcia back for another episode, and the shout out to “Ajira Airways” at the end (Hello LOST!) was a nice touch, but I don’t see anywhere to go with his character. Again, as I said, this felt like a complete filler episode, something that Once Upon a Time does a little too regularly for my liking. On another note, it seems that Regina is back to her evil ways, and that’s just how we like her!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


  1. lisaFebruary 15th, 2013 at 6:36 pm

    just say the promo for next week and i am thinking we’ll finally find who henry’s father really is wait for it …. BAY!!! hello grandpa Gold!

  2. hazelFebruary 15th, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    I agree with you about Robert Carlyle. He is such an underrated actor, and he REALLY elevates the show. His scenes are always my favorite.

  3. DaisyBisleyFebruary 17th, 2013 at 3:26 am

    Been a fan of Robert Carlyle for years. It’s brilliant to see one of Scotland’s greatest actors getting parts like this! (Wee bit of Scottish pride there lol!)

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