Once Upon a Time – The Queen is Dead


by Justin Jasso (@jjasso007)


After a week break, Once Upon a Time is back! We begin in Fairy Tale  Land past, with a young Snow White learning about compassion and how  to be a great leader from her mother. However, her mother takes ill  and the prognosis doesn’t look too promising. One of the Queen’s servants,  Johanna, tells Snow that medicine may not be able to save her, but magic  can. She mentions a blue fairy in the middle of the forest and instructs  Snow to go there at night if she hopes to save her mother.

In the forest,  the Blue Fairy finds Snow, who explains the situation. The fairy gives  her a magic candle. It will save her mother’s life, however, Snow must  take the life of another for compensation as this is a dark magic that  fairies are not allowed to use. As her mother stressed the importance  of being good, Snow is unable to go through with it. The queen approves  of Snow’s decision not to kill another, and shortly after, passes away.   A funeral is held for the departed Queen. Once everyone leaves, the  blue fairy descends, and upon landing, turns into Cora. Cora admits  to having poisoned the Queen, all in an attempt to put Regina in her  place. And, as we all know, that mission was successful.

In Storybrooke,  Regina and Cora are out looking for the dagger to control the Dark One  when Snow comes upon them in the forest and overhears their plan. She  rushes back to town to tell David, who she finds unconscious. He had  been knocked out by Hook, who retrieved his actual hook. Upon waking  David, she tells about Cora and Regina’s plan and decides they need  to get the dagger first. They contact Emma and Gold in New York, and  he reluctantly tells them where the dagger is hidden: inside the clock  overlooking the town. Snow and David go to retrieve it, but once it  is in their possession, Cora and Regina materialize. Emma says she won’t  give the dagger, but Cora is able to sway her through malice.

Later, Regina  puts together that Cora planned everything from the start, from her  meeting of Snow in the field, where she saved her from the runaway horse;  to Regina marrying the king. It was all planned, Regina never had a  say. Meanwhile, Snow decides she’s no longer going to be good. It’s  time she kills Cora.

In New York,  Neal is getting closer to Henry. At the apartment, Henry and Neal go  upstairs to get a camera while Emma and Gold wait downstairs. Suddenly,  Hook comes in and stabs Gold in the chest with his Hook before Emma  knocks him out. Gold has now been poisoned and is going to die if they  can’t get help. Unfortunately, the only help is back in Storybrooke.  Gold says they can take the Jolly Roger (how Hook got to New York in  the first place) as it is a very fast ship, and Neal admits that he  can captain it. He then mentions that New York wasn’t his first stop  after Storybrooke and that he should actually be well over 100 years  old right now. (So he was Peter Pan  or possibly a lost boy!) Right before they are able to leave, a woman  comes up to Neal asking where he is going. Neal then introduces her  to Emma as his fiancé.

This was  an enjoyable episode overall. It was a little heavy on the melodrama,  and much of the story arc was predictable. Of course we knew that Cora  and Regina would obtain the dagger and that, with how everything has  unfolded, Snow was going to hit a breaking point and make a character  change. No one is 100% good ALL the time. What somewhat confuses me  is that Regina is bent on getting Henry back. However, he doesn’t want  her if she’s bad. So how are her current actions conducive to her end  goal? I can see her being the one to end Cora down the road, if the  predictability remains as it is. I’m also excited for the return of  Neal to Storybrooke and learning about his past. I want to see Peter  Pan!

Rating: 3  out of 5 stars

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  1. Obiwan232March 6th, 2013 at 12:27 pm

    I just want RumBelle to be together again

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