Once Upon a Time: The Monster Mash


by Justin Jasso


When last we ended, Hook had just shot Belle in the back and a car came around the corner,  plowing into the pirate. Belle was pushed across the barrier line, causing  her to lose her memory. Emma, Charming and Snow show up with medics  to take care of Belle, Hook and the unidentified man. They are all taken  to the hospital where Dr. Whale/Frankenstein is to operate.

There is initially a discussion as to whether  or not this person from out of town should be saved. If he is, and he  remembers seeing Gold ready a fire ball to throw at Hook, that could  lead to tourists. Plus, the general population doesn’t do well with  things that are different and likes to experiment on them. However,  a decision is made and Whale is told to save him. Whale agrees but eventually  decides to take off and not perform the surgery.

Meanwhile, Regina is hiding underneath the  cemetery in her secret room of hearts when Henry comes in. She lets  him in, and he turns into Cora, who explains why she framed her daughter.  Regina threatens to tell everyone that it was a setup. On the way to  meet Emma, Snow, Charming and everyone else, Cora tells her that regardless  if she turns her in or not, she’ll always be seen as the evil queen  and no one will ever trust her. Regina, sadly, comes to this realization  and a mother-daughter connection appears to be formed again.

Once Emma, Snow and Charming find out that  Whale has disappeared, they have Red go search for him. She finds him  overlooking the ocean with a watch from the “intruder” in  his hands. He throws it in the ocean then jumps in himself, but Red  rushes over and catches him. After a heart-to-heart with Red, Whale  decides to go back and performs the surgery, saving this man’s life.  Once he awakes, Emma goes in and asks him if he saw anything. He says  he was texting and looked up at the last second and hit the guy and  that was all. Emma thanks him for being honest and leaves. The man immediately  calls a woman on the phone and tells her that she’ll never believe what  he saw.

Mr. Gold is trying to help Belle remember who  she really is, but to no avail. He even brings her the chipped tea cup,  but she gets upset and throws it against a wall, destroying it. Gold  leaves truly heartbroken. Cora had visited Gold earlier and asks to  have a truce and be friends again, even offering Gold a token of her  sincerity. This token happens to be a device which will show Gold the  location of his son. After leaving Belle, he puts the device to use  then goes to visit Emma to call in the favor she owes him. She is going  to help him track down his son. And should anything happen to Belle  while he is gone, he threatens to kill everyone. No pressure.

In Fairytale Land past, there is the story  of Frankenstein. His father shuts down his work and sets him up to go  away. But Rumple appears and offers him plenty of gold to show him how  he does what he does. After Frankenstein’s brother is killed, he fails  at bringing him back to life. But after receiving a heart from Regina,  he’s able to. His brother then kills his father but realizes that he’s  really a monster. Frankenstein goes to kill him, but can’t, and vows  to make it right.

It was a matter of time before Cora and Regina  met back up, but I didn’t think it would be that easy for Cora to get  her daughter back. Apparently Cora is more convincing than I gave her  credit for. Now, with Hook, he’s chained up in a hospital recovering  from broken ribs. Where does the story go from here with him? For now,  it seems at a standstill and I don’t see a whole lot more unless Peter  Pan just happens to show up.

Speaking of this “lost boy,” it seems  like we will finally be able to meet Gold’s son. Now whether or not he’s Peter Pan, as  predicted, is another story all together. But if he isn’t in Storybrooke,  and no one from Storybrooke was able to leave the city, how did he get  wherever he is? Just another question we’ll find out in coming episodes  hopefully.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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  1. Alyx MorganJanuary 23rd, 2013 at 3:30 pm

    The visitor may be Peter Pan? How interesting. I like that Henry pointed out that Frankenstein isn’t from their fairy tale world, but from another one entirely. This might be the necessary opening to bring in Peter & the other characters that aren’t from traditional fairy tales. Mowgli, anyone?

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