Once Upon a Time: The Miller’s Daughter


by Justin Jasso (@jjasso007)


We begin with young woman returning  home to find her father has not taken the flour to the kingdom to exchange  it for money. She then takes it upon herself, only to be humiliated  by a young visiting princess. The king places the blame squarely on  the woman, who is named Cora, and makes her kneel and apologize.

Later, Cora sneaks into a masquerade  ball, set for the prince to find a wife. The king discovers her and  is about to throw her out when she says she has the ability to spin  straw into gold. The king gives her one night to do it. Knowing she  cannot, she contemplates jumping out of a window when Rumplestiltskin  appears and makes a deal: her first born for the ability to spin straw  into gold. He also teaches her the power of magic. The next day, she  delivers the gold to the king, who then gives her the prince to marry.

While Cora prepares for her  wedding with the prince, she has a relationship with Rumplestiltskin,  who ends up changing the contract to bearing him a child of his own.  However, before the day of her marriage, she approaches Rumple with  her heart in a box. She gives him the box and shows him the loophole  in their contract, thus getting out of it, leaving Rumple empty handed,  to his despair.

Back in Storybrooke, Gold, Emma  and the crew arrive and got to Gold’s shop. Gold tells Emma he needs  her to cast a protection spell and teaches her how to do it. Emma has  the ability of magic, and strong magic at that! Outside, Cora and Regina  show up and are immediately confronted by Emma, Bae, David and Snow.  After a quick skirmish, Snow sneaks out the back and goes to Gold. He  shows her the candle she once was given to save her mother and tells  her to go find Cora’s heart in Regina’s underground lair, and light  the candle, wishing for Cora’s death. Once complete, she needs to put  the heart back into Cora and she’ll die. So Snow takes the candle and  heads over, finds Cora’s heart, makes the wish and blows the candle  out.

Cora feels a slight pain in  her chest and sends Regina to check on her heart. Upon arriving, Regina  finds Snow with Cora’s heart in the box. Snow explains the reason Cora  never loved her was because she didn’t have her heart. But if she puts  the heart back in Cora, she’ll have the mother she always wanted.

Back with Gold, Cora gets through  the magic defenses and Gold asks her if she ever loved him. She says  she did and that’s why she took out her heart as it hindered her. Right  before she goes to stab Gold with his dagger, Regina pushes the heart  back into Cora. Instantly, Cora is back to the mother she could have  been, but soon collapses while Gold stands with his wound gone and him  being fully healed. Snow runs in screaming for Regina to stop but it’s  too late. Regina looks up at Snow realizing that she’s the reason her  mother is dead.

It was a long time coming that  we had a revelation into the background of Cora and what made her so  evil. She started out seeming like a good person, as they all do, before  going to the dark side. The relationship she had with Rumple was a little  awkward, but it showed the lengths she would go to obtain what she wanted  in life. Whether she ever really loved anyone is up for debate. What  is clear, however, is that she was a determined woman to the very end.

Now, with Cora out of the way,  we’re back to Regina being the evil woman she’s been known as. What  happens with Hook now that Cora is gone is a thing to be seen. But with  Bae back in Storybrooke, and him being either Peter Pan or one of the  lost boys, there will undoubtedly be a story arc that focuses on the  conflict between those two characters. Personally I believe the next  arcs involve, once again, the conflict between Snow and Regina and the  new arc of Hook and Bae. With that going on, I don’t see it wise for  the writers to add other arcs, so where does that leave the other cast?  We’ll see when next we return to Once Upon a Time!

Rating: 4  out of 5 stars

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