Once Upon a Time: The Evil Queen


by Justin Jasso (@jjasso007)


Welcome back, dearies, for the latest installment of Once Upon a Time. In Fairy Tale Land past, Regina is mad at Snow White because Snow has the love of the people, which is what Regina covets. So she tries to paint Snow in a bad light among villagers. When they refuse to give Snow White up, she has a whole town slaughtered. What else would an evil queen do?

Regina goes to Rumple and says she wants to look like a common person, so she can get close to Snow and kill her. He turns her into a peasant, warning her that it may not be as she expect, mentioning she won’t have any access to magic in that form. Regina goes to a town to garner advice on Snow and is soon arrested by guards who think she is a part of a game to “Kill the Evil Queen.” Luckily, Snow White comes to her rescue. In the forest, Snow tells a story of a woman who saved her on a horse once and how that made a difference in her life. Regina, under a spell making her look like a commoner, asks questions about the Queen and if Snow would like to kill her. But Snow says that she wouldn’t kill her as she knows there’s good there, she’s seen it. This touches Regina, and just maybe, we may have a different queen ahead. When they come upon a clearing in the woods and find the dead bodies of an entire village, Snow takes back what she said–Regina will never change and she couldn’t forgive her. She is EVIL. Later, Regina returns to Rumple, has the spell lifted, and accepts her role as the Evil Queen.

In Storybrooke present, Regina tells Henry her plan to get them back to Fairy Tale Land with the use of the magic beans, and that she’s going to kill everyone else. Henry is appalled, but Regina uses magic on him to make him forget everything. That’s a loving mother for you. Emma has a bad feeling about Tamara, suspecting she’s up to no good with Greg.

Regina bumps into Hook and asks for his help in obtaining an object that requires two people. On the way to the item, Regina notices Hook is wearing an arm piece of Cora’s and she wants it back. Hook gives it up reluctantly. Upon getting to the area of this special item. Regina pushes Hook down a small cliff, only to find Maleficent alive in some weird Nazgul form. Regina is able to obtain the item, and Hook being Hook, escapes somehow. Later, the pirate confronts Regina with Greg and Tamara in tow. He tells her that his new “friends” have a way of repressing magic, and to Regina’s ill fate, it happens to be true. Greg mentions there’s a plan bigger than finding his father and has Regina bagged.

I don’t understand Regina, and I think that falls squarely on the writers. One week she’s good, the next she’s bad. This week, she orders an entire village killed, then a few scenes later is near crying when Snow tells her about fond memories and the good she knows is in Regina. Now, I don’t want black and white characters, but I don’t want characters that pick a different team every episode, or multiple times during an episode. It’s too confusing and frustrates the viewer.

I did enjoy that they’ve actually given a potential story arc for Neal. As of now, he’s just been in town and…doing nothing. Kind of wasted space, if you ask me. But with a potential return to Fairy Tale Land, a fiancée who is lying to him, and inherently wanting to be a father and having his son’s mother there, we have more to build from. Plus, the next two episode titles are Peter Pan-related, so more of Neal has to come to play.

Now, my concern going forward after this season is that we will now have the introduction of more characters. Seriously, does this show need any more characters? We’ll have a Peter Pan, a Tinkerbell, Tiger Lily, lost boys, pirates, Indians…. All this is peculation, of course, but if we’re heading towards a Peter Pan thing, these are all people and characters associated. I fear Once Upon a Time may go the way of Heroes, having too many characters for its own good and spreading itself far too thin for the audience to care anymore. Something is going to have to give if this show wants to keep its audience base and ratings high.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars


  1. NatalieMay 2nd, 2013 at 3:17 pm

    I think the writers have failed Regina. badly. I know they need a Villain. Then make her the Villain. Don’t make her contradict herself each week. They bounce her from side to side, she KNOWS what she has to do to even have a chance of getting her sons love, the first ten episodes PROVED that. I think the writers are just insulting her intelligence now.
    Though saying that, Tamara and whats-his-face are in for a world of hurt when Regina gets free and i personally hopes she does go all Evil Queen on their asses.

  2. LindaMay 5th, 2013 at 7:08 am

    I think Once upon a time is a good serie, but Regina is alittle… ambivalent… one minute she really wants to be good and the next second she turns bad again…

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