Once Upon a Time: Lacey


by Justin Jasso (@jjasso007)

Welcome back, my dearies. After a month of old episodes, Once Upon a Time was back and all new! Mr. Gold, despite having found that he has a grandson and now having his own son back in town, is a lonely man. After having a talk with Regina, who is none too happy to find out that he is Henry’s grandfather, he visits Belle in the hospital who is happy that he is alive. Later, Regina, being Regina, visits Belle as well and pulls out a packet of matches (she put a spell on these matches) and tells her that this may jog her memories. Belle takes a look at it and yes, it does bring back her memories… she is Lacey, the woman she was during the curse!

Later Gold finds Belle… er, Lacey, at the Rabbit Hole, a bar, playing pool and drinking. She’s definitely not the sweet, kind Belle we’ve all come to love. She only remembers Gold as the man who visited her in the hospital. Gold confronts Regina, knowing she had a hand in this, but Regina blows him off. So Gold’s next idea is to attain help from David and Mary Margaret. He asks them for a favor, and the idea of Gold owing them a favor in return is tempting, so when asked how David, who had amnesia was able to get his memories back, he’s told to “show her the man she fell in love with.” So Gold asks Lacey out, which she accepts, but at the end of the date, Gold finds Lacey out back, making out with another man. In his fury, Gold magically rips out his tongue and then beats him with his cane. Lacey comes out and witnesses and tells Gold he’s not the man she thought he was… in a good way!

In Fairy Tale Land past, Belle is living with Rumple while he was still more of a “beast.” Robin Hood breaks in to steal a wand, but is captured and tortured by Rumple. Belle decides he doesn’t deserve it and helps him to escape, along with the wand. But Rumple won’t let him go so easy. Rumple is able to track him down, bringing Belle along so she can witness Hood’s death. They come upon Robin Hood in a clearing and he is using his wand on a woman who looks extremely ill. Belle tries to talk him out of killing Robin Hood saying he only took the wand to save the woman’s life. But Rumple, using Robin Hood’s own bow, knocks an arrow and draws back while Belle continues to plead with him. Rumple lets loose the arrow which just misses Robin Hood, piercing the wood cart the woman is on. Robins grabs Marian and they escape. Belle thanks Rumple for not killing Robin Hood to which Rumple states that he just missed and has grown tired of chasing him. So back to the castle they go, with Belle having now reached the heart of Rumple and began the transformation of him from a “beast” to a man.

Back in present-day Storybrooke, Tamara, Bae’s fiancée, goes to visit Greg (the guy who crashed into Hook). He tells her that he knows his father is here and asks if she’s ready. She says she has the package outside of town and will bring it in at night. When night falls, Tamara comes in with a moving truck, and the package inside that will help them, one Captain Hook!

This episode set up new story arcs going forward. One, we now have Gold who apparently has decided to go the way of evil (yet again), but now Belle/Lacey likes that. What happens now with him trying to get his old Belle back? When Belle first met him, he was the evil Rumple, but she changed that. Maybe replaying how everything happened in the past will yield the same results now?

Then, we have the Charmings: having Anton grow the magic beans may help them get back to the Enchanted Forest and possibly being able to set everything right. I really can’t see them leaving Emma and Henry, now that the family is finally together. But with everything that has happened so far, it’s hard to see Emma going back to her old life. I mean, how many bounty hunter mothers are there with a young son in tow? Plus, the writers are not going to write out the Charmings or Emma from the story, so be relieved that everyone will be staying in place, dearies.

With only three episodes left in the season, it’s hard to predict how it will finish off. I can see something with the magic beans, especially since Regina found them at the end of the episode and she’d love to get back to the Enchanted Forest also. Plus we have the return of Hook which could mean a coming confrontation with Balefire or at least a backstory into that relationship. Plus the last two episodes are titled “Second Star to the Right” and “And Straight on ‘Til Morning,” respectively. Oh, how the plot thickens!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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