Once Upon a Time: Into the Deep


by Justin Jasso (@jjasso007)


A couple days after Thanksgiving, the food has been digested, turkey sandwiches are bountiful and ABC is back with an all-new Once Upon a Time. Hook managed to escape from being locked up by Emma only to find Cora at the bottom of the beanstalk. Unhappy with him not having the compass, she leaves and lets him know that she’ll be making the journey to Storybrooke alone. But Hook is not to be outdone by a small set-back. He has revenge on his mind and will be making that journey as well.

Back in Storybrooke, Regina informs Gold that Cora plans to come to town, which would be bad news for both of them, thus he needs to help her. Reluctantly, Gold decides to help Charming and Regina. Before Henry goes to sleep again, Gold tells him a story about how Charming and Snow captured him in the past with a quill. But it wasn’t the quill that did it, it was the ink, and some still remained in the cell where he was locked up. So Henry goes back under and tries to relay the story to Aurora, but she’s pulled out of the Netherworld too soon.

Back in Fairytale Land, Cora had awakened a band of undead to go after the compass. Since Hook couldn’t get it, she’s found another way. While Aurora was under, the undead attacked, which forced Mulan to wake her up for their survival. Unfortunately, Aurora is captured in the escape and delivered to Cora. She finally shows some backbone and stands up to Cora, letting her know she’ll never get the compass nor get to Storybrooke. An infuriated Cora knocks Aurora out with a little bit of magic. Hook eventually sneaks in and sets Aurora free in order to prove to Emma that she should have trusted him.

Back in Storybrooke, Henry received burns on his arms from the flames in the Netherworld so David decides he’ll go next time. In order to get there, magic needs to be used, so Regina makes a sleeping curse and it is placed on a spindle used by Gold. But how will he get back? True love’s kiss, of course! He pricks his finger and under he goes, and is reunited with Snow, who used the sleeping powder Mulan had for the giant to get there. He explains how to defeat Cora with the ink left in Rumple’s cell and that true love’s kiss will bring him back. However, upon the embrace, Snow begins to fade, making it impossible to kiss. She awakens more determined to get back to Storybrooke.

While Snow was out, Mulan took the compass and is on her way to Cora before Snow and Emma catch up with her. A fight ensues and Snow is going to have to kill Mulan, but Aurora comes out of the woods to stop it. She explains that Hook let her go to prove to Emma he’s good. Mary Margaret tells her that they have a way to defeat Cora and need to go to Rumple’s cell, which Aurora tells them to lead the way. The hitch? Cora is controlling Aurora as she now possesses her heart, thanks to Hook!

This was one of the first episodes in some time where we didn’t have a flashback to a character’s past to further show how they have progressed. It felt as if we finally had some more story progression, but in reality, we didn’t. It is always nice to watch the relationship between Snow and Charming; the actors have wonderful chemistry together and really sell it on screen. What happens now with Charming as he’s stuck in the Netherworld until Snow gets back from Fairytale Land? And what are Hook’s real intentions? Are we going to be introduced to Peter Pan? Hook can only go so long with his nemesis. So much going on, so many directions for story arcs to go and we’re almost half way through the season. SO much more to come!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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