Once Upon a Time: And Straight On ‘Til Morning


by Justin Jasso (@jjasso007)


Alas dearies, we have reached the season finale for our beloved Once Upon a Time. In Fairy Tale Land past, Hook keeps a close eye on the new crewmate and finds his name to be Baelfire. He later prods more into Bae’s past to find that his father is the “Dark One” and his mother was killed by a pirate. Hook finds the relevance and plans to use Bae to get to Rumple. When a couple of Lost Boys arrive at Hook’s ship and demand the boy, Hook denies he’s there. The Lost Boys search the ship, but Bae has hidden himself. The bond between Hook and Bae strengthens when the Lost Boys leave empty-handed.

Later, Bae finds a picture of his mother on the ship and realizes that Hook was the one who killed her and that he was just using him to get to his father. Hook explains that he loved her and that it was Rumple who killed her to get back at him. However, Bae has had a change of heart and no longer wants to be on the ship. So Hook allows the Lost Boys to come back and capture him, and he fires at Hook that he’s the same as Rumple. Bae is taken to land and others in command say that Bae isn’t the boy “He” is looking for. No worries though, the head Lost Boy says, Peter Pan always gets who he wants, revealing a picture of Henry.

In Storybrooke present, Greg and Tamara, along with Hook, take the diamond they stole from Regina to a mine and strike it with a pickaxe. An aura is emitted and the diamond activates, beginning its destruction of Storybrooke and everyone who was not born there. Hook arrives, explaining what has happened, and goes with David to find Greg and Tamara to get the magic beans while everyone else heads to the mines.

Hook and David are able to track down Greg, and obtain one bean before the two would be mass murderers escape. They head to the mines to meet up with Snow, Regina, Emma and Henry. Once there, Emma plans to use the bean to open a portal to save everyone, but Hook secretly took it away. So Regina says she’ll use her power to contain the diamond as long as she can while everyone else leaves. After some time of containing the diamond, Regina admits she can’t hold it much longer when Emma realizes she, too, has magic, and together they can. Emma adds her magic and they are able to deactivate the gem. With the town safe, something new is amiss – Henry is gone.

In the chaos, Greg and Tamara are able to grab Henry in the tunnels and take him away (no idea how), leaving his backpack behind. Meanwhile, out on the ocean, Hook is sailing away when he has a moment of good conscience strike him, causing him to turn back around. Back on land, Greg and Tamara are taking Henry to the docks with Emma and the crew in hot pursuit. Greg throw a bean in the water, creating a portal, to which they jump into with Henry. Emma and the rest are too late.

Hook arrives with the remaining bean in tow. He decides he will help them out, and that they will all sail to find Henry. Gold arrives with Belle (now with her memory back, thanks to a potion from one good fairy godmother) and says he, too, will go. Greg and Tamara killed his son and now have his grandson. Hook, along with Emma, Charming, Snow and Gold, set sail for Neverland. Hook throws the bean in the water, creating a portal, and sails the ship in on a quest to rescue Henry from Peter Pan.

Hook’s story with Bae is similar to that of Regina and Henry, and maybe that’s why Regina and Hook get along in some regards. Beneath his tough exterior is a man who has a huge emptiness that can’t be filled. But it seems, for the moment, that he’s on the straight and narrow as they team up (yes, he’s teamed up with Rumple) for a common good.

The Peter Pan thing, while I like this potential direction of Peter being “evil,” has me slightly confused, mostly regarding Greg and Tamara. Now, I think we knew they weren’t going to be killed off (nor was Regina in any real danger, they aren’t going to kill her character off, but I digress), but what irritates me is that they preach that magic is bad, yet they are using a “magic” bean and jumping into a portal to take them to a “magic” land where they are working for someone who, if the character holds up to anything remotely close to the fairy tales, uses magic himself. Contradiction? Yes!

I also had a slight issue with Gold’s reaction that Bae had been killed. Though he seemed saddened about it, he kind of brushed it off and said he wasn’t going to do anything about it. Now, as a parent, one would think that should their child be killed, let alone murdered, a parent may be an itsy bitsy upset and maybe want some sort of revenge. But Gold just took the blame, saying it was his fault, and that was it? I just expected a little more. All in all, this was a great episode and set the stage for a season three which, potentially, focuses on fewer characters, and in the world of magic, sometimes less is more.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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