Nintendo at E3: A Wrap-Up


By: Eric Flapjack Ashley (@flapjackashley)

The first E3 after a successful console launch is always important to show that momentum is building and to justify the purchase for early adopters who normally have to suffer through some game droughts. So, did Nintendo’s short, 25-minute presentation deliver?

I was satisfied for the most part, and judging from many reactions I have seen online, lots of others seem to be as well. All the games shown were for the new Nintendo Switch console. They actually faked a lot of people out – advertising said the “E3 Spotlight” would be focused on Super Mario Odyssey and other 2017 releases, but they showed quite a bit more than that.

Among the highlights:

● Confirmation of a real, mainline Pokemon game in development for Nintendo Switch – more than likely to launch for Christmas 2018 (or so I’m guessing).

● A teaser for the long-awaited and long-hoped-for Metroid Prime 4. Clearly, this was put in there to appease fans and I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon. But the fact that it is in “development for Nintendo Switch” is enough to get long-suffering fans of that franchise happy.

● A new Yoshi game that looks in the artistic and cute style of Yoshi’s Wooly World. And a new Kirby, too, with both coming in 2018.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is NOT delayed, as many predicted – still coming for this Christmas.

Rocket League is coming to the Switch this holiday with cross-platform play between Xbox and PC users.

Super Mario Odyssey is coming at the end of October – a full month before most estimates predicted – and it looks fantastic.

Among the lowlights:

● No mention of Animal Crossing on the Switch.

● No mention of Pikmin 4.

● No mention of Virtual Console for Switch

● No mention of a Super Smash Bros port for Switch

I write as the Treehouse is going on, and they have already dropped a big surprise in showing a new 2D Metroid game – a remake of the beloved Metroid II from the Game Boy – coming for the Nintendo 3DS in September. So there is a chance that more stuff could be announced over the course of the next day.

I’m pleased with this E3, despite many of my modest predictions not panning out. And not hearing anything about Animal Crossing, which was my number one wish. The confirmation that a full core mainline Pokemon game plus Metroid Prime 4 is coming is exactly what many fans wanted. We may not have gotten solid information or release dates for a lot of games previewed, but after years of Nintendo being coy and vague, it is extremely comforting to know that they are at least on the way. Nintendo finally heard the Metroid fans and are giving them what they want, as opposed to what they did at E3 2015, which was giving nobody anything they wanted.

As a Nintendo fan, I am encouraged that the Switch is here to stay and Nintendo is giving this console some quality content and marketing that they never gave the Wii U. The Super Mario Odyssey trailer today was pure magic – it could do to the Mario franchise what “Breath of the Wild” did for Zelda – and the fact that both of these landmark games are coming out in the same year is mind-boggling to me. It is very, very pleasing to see the system itself selling well above expectations, the kinds of quality games coming out for it, and that people are excited about Nintendo again. There is a real buzz about the Switch going around, and that makes me happy.

It wasn’t a perfect show but it was a great show, and I am proud to be a Nintendo fan.

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