Nintendo Announces New 3DS XL Designs


By: Brandon Myers (@BrandoCalrysian)

Nintendo has announced three custom-designed 3DS XL consoles are headed to retail, two of which are GameStop exclusives. The announcement came during the GameStop Expo 2014. Nintendo is known for having custom systems from time to time and these are sure to turn some heads.


The initial system to go on sale will be the Super Smash Bros. Edition Nintendo 3DS XL, which will be available in red and blue, on Sept. 19. It will hit stores before release of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, due out on Oct. 3.


The first GameStop exclusive 3DS will be available on Oct. 10, and this one sports the look of the console that made us all fall in love with Nintendo: the NES. The system itself looks like the NES controller, while the box will resemble the console.


On Nov. 25, the Persona Q Edition Nintendo 3DS XL will launch alongside Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. The system will be available exclusively at GameStop and does not include the game.
All three consoles will cost $199.99 and can be preordered at GameStop.

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