Ninjabot Kickstarts ORIGIN Series Part II Art Book


by Stephen Janes (@stephenkjanes)

After the success of their first ORIGIN Series art prints, Ninjabot is back on Kickstarter looking to fund their next project. The ORIGIN Series Part II features artistic and vibrant looks at your favorite super heroes and their origins.

Ninjabot is currently looking for thirteen thousand dollars to fully fund the project by October 18th. At the time of this publication, they have surpassed the ten thousand dollar mark with a little under three weeks to go. The minimum pledge is five dollars, which gives you a hard cover book with all of the prints and your name in the ‘Thank You’ section. You can pledge as much as four hundred dollars, which gives you the art book, small prints, large prints and your favorite art on a canvas, as well as all previous perks.

Some of the perks of pledging more money involve getting prints of your favorite artwork, an official Ninjabot decal, and receiving your absolute favorite print on a canvas. There are a few stretch goals as well, which will unlock new art designs including a fantastic rendering of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The prints featured by Ninjabot are utterly beautiful, lively and colorful. If you are interested in supporting Ninjabot and their art, head to their Kickstarter page here. You can also visit their website at, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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