New Friday the 13th Movie Shut Down


By Michaela Bush
Everyone can go put their hockey masks away…the newest Friday the 13th movie by Paramount has been cancelled. The movie, according to Paramount, was supposed to be another reboot, this time an origin story of sorts for Jason Voorhees and his mother. This came as a shock to fans because, after years of complicated development, the production schedule was finally setting schedules to begin filming and the process of casting was finally starting. The film was going to be the first Friday the 13th movie released since 2009. Many were surprised at the decision to cut the movie altogether; since the production was lagging slightly behind in order to make the original October 13 release date (which is, in fact, a Friday the 13th !), some thought that it would be plausible to move the release up to March. However, this will not be so. While nobody knows for certain why Paramount decided to axe the film, it is quite possible that Paramount cancelled the film due to the painful box office results for their other horror movie, Rings, which was released February 3rd. However, the news concerning Friday the 13th’s cancellation came just three days later, on February 6th. Perhaps Paramount was a little quick to hit the “cancel” button in this case, especially concerning the fan base that certainly would have watched the new reboot, but for better or worse, the film’s off.
Aaron Guzikowski was the screenwriter for the film, and the production company Platinum Dunes was going to work on the film. An official synopsis (outside of the generic “maniacal killer Jason Voorhees returns for more bloody mayhem” –big surprise there—, as found on Google) was not yet released for the film. However, the movie was already set to receive an R rating. Paramount filled Friday the 13th’s release date with Jennifer Lawrence’s film mother!, a drama.

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