Nerdy News Bites 4.17.17


by Veronia “Roni” Sepulveda (@vRONIs)

Hi Nerds, we have your nerdy news bites from last week! Let’s roll!

10. Thor

Who broke the interwebs this week? Hela did! Did you think I was going to say Thor? Of course he did, this teaser was perfect, but you have to admit Cate Blanchett looks so badass!

9. The Mist

SpikeTV released the first trailer for the new series based on the Stephen King novel. Think you’ll check it out June 22nd?

8. Feral

Need some more horror in your life? I mean fictional horrors, we already have enough horrific realities on our day to day. From Purge director, James DeMonaco, comes a new novel, Feral. See more here.

7. Doctor Who

Onto more delightful things… The Doctor returns to our TVs this weekend!

6. Dumbledore

Raise your wand to the lovely Jude Law! Welcome to the fandom! See more here.

5. Cable

Seems a certain someone is greedy for Marvel! Can’t really blame him 😉 Congrats to Josh Brolin!

4. Star Wars Celebration

There has been so many levels of epic achieved, but nothing will ever compare to the gorgeous Carrie Fisher tribute. We will always remember you rebel princess.

3. Forces of Destiny

Speaking of Star Wars, Forces of Destiny is something else to look forward to nerds! With original cast members lending their voices, this is sure to be some additional richness for us to digest!

2. A Potter Christmas

Something to add to your calendars Potterheads, between November 18–January 6th! Christmas is coming to the Wizarding World Universal!

1. The Last Jedi

This needs no explanation, just don’t forget to breathe.

What bites are you excited for in the nerdverse? Let me know below!

Nerd On!

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