Nerdy News Bites 3.24.17


by Veronica “Roni” Sepulveda (@vRONIs)

Hey nerds, here we are again with another week of nerdy goodness for you. You can always count on nerdy news bites to pop up and distract you from not so pleasant things. Let’s get started.

10. D23 Posters

Check out all of the character posters announcing the D23 expo this summer in Anaheim! See the entire collection here.


9. Kingsman

Looks like Kingsman: The Golden Circle will be gracing our theaters September 29th! See more here.


8. Defenders

The Defenders have wrapped and now we wait for its release this year. Summer, perhaps? See more info here.

Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Credit: Entertainment Weekly

7. Classic Voltron

12 classic Voltron episodes are coming to Netflix!

6. American Gods

The official trailer is up and I can’t wait!

5. Black Panther

Check out this cool shot of Black Panther during filming!

4 Death Note

We finally have a trailer for Death Note. What are your thoughts?

3. Spinoff? Really?

There is word Beauty and the Beast may get a spinoff or prequel. Is it really necessary? See more here.

2. GoTG

For the love of all that is awesome, this IMAX poster is fantastic.

1. Black Cat & Silver Sable

Sony is at it again. They’re planning to devolope a Black Cat/Silver Sable film with screenwriter Chris Yost. See the details here.

What news bites are you most excited for? Share below!

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