Nerdy News 4/15/16


by Veronica “Roni” Sepulveda (@vRONIs)

Hi, welcome to the nerd center, where you will be safe. Did you experience startling revelations at the start of the week that had you like…


Did these feelings quickly escalate beyond your control to this?


Well, you’re out of friggin’ luck because we’re right there with you and we’re going to rehash it now! Due to the amount of goodies this week, I am going to group things a little differently this time.

10 DC

News from DC/WB confirming plans for a standalone Batman movie directed by Ben Affleck as previously mentioned. The DC Films strategy includes “at least 10 more movies over the next 5 years.” Just give me more Wondy! #WondahhhhWooomaaaan
(whoever made this gif, I love you!)

During the MTV movie awards a 3rd and epically better trailer than the 2nd (in my opinion) was released! #datHarleytho

9 WB

Warner Bros are busy not only with DC, but other projects like premiering another trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! This trailer threw everyone in a tizzy due to Dumbledore’s name being mentioned.

Animaniacs were not only added to Netflix but Rob Paulsen, the voice of Yakko, revealed that he and Jess Harnell (Wakko) and Tress MacNeille (Dot) will be touring this summer to perform some of the show’s original songs! Nostalgia much?! I’ll take some Yakko’s World, thank you! See more here.


A new TMNT trailer was released.

7 GoT

A new GoT Season 6 Trailer was released along awesome discussions from the premiere red carpet event, including a Game of Butts!

6 Disney

I am looking forward to seeing The Jungle Book this weekend, and it seems The Jungle Book 2 is already greenlit. See more here.


Seems a live-action Peter Pan movie is in the works as well! But most importantly we got our Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer and it was amazing! Also, please remember this story takes place before A New Hope.

5 Science

Announced this week by Stephen Hawking and Yuri Milnerin, the Breathrough Starshot initiative intends to develop the capability to launch tiny laser-propelled space probes to the nearest star! See more here!

4 Marvel

There was a bit of interesting news that mentioned The Wasp was considered to play a part in Civil War, but Feige and Ant-man director, Peyton Reed decided against it. My favorite thing about this report was this quote.

“It just didn’t make sense for Wasp [to be in Civil War] because there’s so many characters in this movie, and you really want to see her become a hero and really spend time with her,” Reed said. “She’s a complicated character and a rich character. We’re really, really having fun writing that.”

This makes me more excited to see her in Ant-Man and The Wasp! See more here.

Speaking of strong ladies, the lovely Tessa Thompson has joined the cast of Thor: Ragnarok. Her character has not been named.


3 Civil War

With the premiere and Jimmy Kimmel‘s Marvel week, a number of clips were released for Civil War.

2 Spider-Man

After Kevin Feige explained the Marvel and Sony partnership with Spider-Man, and calming all of my fears, we were treated to the name and logo preview at the Civil War premiere! See more on the partnership here.

Premiere goers got a sneak peek of a scene where Tony, Peter and Aunt May share the screen. Yay! CBR also reported that Michael Keaton is in early talks to play a villain. Double Yay!

1 Doctor Strange

Nerdgasmic, mind-blowing trailer and two posters, and reports of Feige saying Doctor Strange will use 3D to bend your mind!


Enjoy the weekend nerds, you’ve earned it!
Nerd On!


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