Nerdy Foodie: Con Edition


By Jenine Lee, (@Niners_9)

Many nerds have slowly adjusted back to normal life after a week in San Diego for SDCC and Nerd HQ ‘15. For many it’s like a family reunion. So you can imagine that many nerds want to do everything together and spend some much needed quality time together. This includes not only the con itself, but the pastime that many a family enjoys together: eating! Most typically keep to just a couple places to eat when out and about during the day. It was quite convenient to have food trucks parked right outside of Nerd HQ every day! One in particular I would recommend:

SuperQ (@SuperQFoodTruck)

Who does not love good BBQ? I certainly do! The food that was being produced by the SuperQ crew was phenomenal. It was here where many of us tried a sandwich melt with BBQ and MAC and CHEESE!! Say wha??! That’s right folks! SuperQ served a hot sandwich that mixed two comfort foods all rolled into one! It was so good that we barely got a picture of said sandwich before it was devoured. They also have some righteous sliders, my personal favourite was the pulled pork slider. It had the right amount of coleslaw, pulled pork, and BBQ sauce. It was a delicious mess! So if you’re ever near the SuperQ food truck, I hope you’ll stop by and try their food! How can you not enjoy your food with this smiling face serving you? (Thanks Tiffany! You Rock!)



Check them out here:

This was just one of the delicious food trucks that was parked daily right outside of Nerd HQ! But one cannot live off of food trucks alone. Where else does a nerd eat during con week? Here are a few suggestions:

The Mission (@The_Mission_SD)

One of my favourites in San Diego! The Mission is a great place to grab some breakfast and/or brunch if you have some time to sit down and eat before heading to Comic Con, NerdHQ, or other offsite events in the city. Everything from huge pancakes, to their yummy breakfast burritos, The Mission is a great place to hang out with your friends for a hearty morning and/or mid-morning meal.





Check them out here:

Candelas on the Bay

Why not venture out to Coronado Island for some fuel after some fun in the sun at Candelas on the Bay Mexican restaurant! Hands down some of the yummiest fish tacos I have ever tried! Not to mention the salsa that is served with the complimentary tortilla chips is very addicting!



Coronado Cupcakery

Almost any nerd you’ll talk to has a fairly sweet tooth! So to round out your day, don’t forget dessert! The actual cake part was fairly moist and yummy! There were many different flavors to try, among them the following: Lemon, Peppermint pattie, Chocolate, Cinnamon Banana, and S’mores; and they all tasted yummy-licious!




And finally, who does not love chocolates, truffles, popcorn, and salt water taffy??  I found a place that caters to both humans and canines who love sweet treats! Spreckels, you outdid yourself in a good way!




And that is a wrap on my look back at the food of San Diego! Hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. JayneJuly 28th, 2015 at 8:42 am

    That header photo brings back so many memories Jenine … I remember us sitting at The Mission nervously the first morning of NerdHQ in 2014, all excited for Zac’s panel and wondering who would be able to pluck up the courage to ask a question. Their breakfasts were delicious, so I’m glad you got to go back in 2015 (I’m just sorry I wasn’t able to be there too!)

  2. JenineJuly 28th, 2015 at 12:09 pm

    We missed you Jayne!! <3

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