Nerding Healthy: Birds Eye Steamfresh with Disney


Product Review: Birds Eye Steamfresh ® with Disney
Growing up my mother wouldn’t let me leave the table without eating my vegetables, as a kid, this was the worst part of my day. I had an arsenal of techniques to attempt to trick my mother into thinking I had eating more than I had: spreading them out, sneaking them onto my baby sisters plate, folding them into my napkin, hiding them under my tongue until I got to the trash can to spit them out, and of course the ever classic—feeding them to the dog. Sadly, we didn’t have a dog, so I ended up just throwing them on the floor. If you can believe, much like the Brain, none of my plans ever succeeded—mastermind though I was. I always had to finish all my vegetables.
It wasn’t until I started adulting that I realized how fortunate I truly was. Nearly 75% of American household dinners don’t include a vegetable of some kind, and even more shocking is that roughly only 2% of American kids are getting the fruit and vegetable recommended requirements.
Birds Eye Vegetables has a new cool way to help kids (or millenials that no longer have their mom cooking their meals for them) eat their vegetables! Birds Eye Steamfresh ® with Disney has crafted several amazing and delicious steam packs that allow you to cook veggie-rich side dishes right in the microwave featuring Disney characters that kids (or lets be real your inner Disnerd!) are sure to love.
My personal favorites are the Pasta & Broccoli with a White Cheese Sauce featuring Yoda, (Mmmm, eat these I did) and the Whole Grain Pasta & Peas with a Butter Sauce featuring Captain America and Iron Man, which was basically a Civil War in my mouth with every bite.
For more information on other varieties and full nutritional info, you can check out the link here:

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