Nerdie Foodie: Zootopia Edition


By Jenine Lee, @Niners_9


Hello Foodies! Who is ready to go and visit Zootopia?? I am totally on my way and ready to hibernate with the bears at least for the next little while until the weather warms up a bit. If you haven’t checked the weather for Zootopia, it’s a chilly 5 degrees Celsius.


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(Photo Credit: Rachel Cheng)


Let’s go!




Hit it up this summer with these cool looking pawpsicles – Nick Wilde’s paw prints to be exact. Disney Family (Blog, Facebook, Twitter) has us hooked up with this cool recipe here!


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(Photo Credit: Disney Family)




Jenn Fujikawa (from JustJENN) shares her easy and fun recipe for The Big Donut on Fandango! Check out this creative recipe here!

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(Photo Credit: Jenn Fujikawa/Fandango)


Heather, from Brie Brie Blooms (Blog, Facebook, Twitter) shows us how to make Officer Clawhauser’s favourite doughnuts here!


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(Photo Credit: Brie Brie Blooms)




Who wouldn’t like to munch on adorable paw prints in bun form? Valerie Mitchell from Mama Likes To Cook (Blog, Facebook, Twitter) shows us how in her recipe here!


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(Photo Credit: Mama Likes To Cook)


Cereal Bark


Disney Family is at it again! Check out this fun and kid friendly recipe for Zootopia’s very own cereal bark! Find the recipe and easy step-by-step instructions here!


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(Photo Credit: Disney Family)




Sunny Chanel from Wonder and Company (Blog, Facebook, Twitter) shows us how to make carrot cupcakes that would be completely Judy Hopps approved! Check out the recipe here!




(Photo Credit: Wonder and Company)


And what’s better than some cupcake toppers Zootopia style? Hooplakidz Recipes (Website, Facebook) shows us how to make Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde cupcake toppers out of coloured fondant! Check out the recipe below!





Else Strachan from My Cupcake Addcition (Blog, Facebook, Twitter) shows us how to make three different Zootopia designs with sugar cookies on popsicle sticks! Check out the video below!





Else Strachan also shows us how to make this fun and playful looking cake with a giant doughnut cookie topper! Check out the video below!





And finally, who doesn’t love a good hot chocolate recipe? Better yet, what about a sloth chocolate recipe? Chrysa from Thrifty Jinxy (Blog, Facebook, Twitter) shows us her favourite sloth chocolate recipe here!


Photo 8


(Photo Credit: Thrifty Jinxy)


And there you have it folks! Snacks and desserts worthy of a picnic to Zootopia!


Til next time,


Stay nerdalicious!



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