Nerdie Foodie: Witchy Edition!


By Jenine Lee (@Niners_9)

Hellloo Foodies! Let’s check out a few witch inspired edibles for Halloween this year! So pick up and dust off that broomstick of yours and here we go!

Pretzel Broomstick Snack

Check out these awesome creations from Heather Baird (from Sprinkle Bakes)! Super cute snacks for those kidlets and big kidlets at heart! Cause there’s always a need for snacks and appies! For the full recipe, check it out here!


Witch’s Finger Cookies (two ways)

For the classic pale witch fingers, check out Meghan’s version from Domestic Sugar Bake – recipe here! She even includes her sugar cookie recipe (at the top of the page), the steps she did to make the cookies (middle of the page) and an FAQ with a few troubleshooting tips (bottom of the page). She’s very thorough (love it!).


Now for those wanting a little more green at their Halloween parties, check out Annie’s version (from Annie’s Eats) here! They seriously remind me of the Wicked Witch of the West.


Cauldron Cookies

Now who can have finger cookies but not cauldron cookies?! Check out Audrey and her mother’s blog (That Recipe) for this amazing cookie recipe here! But let’s face it, this is just more than a cookie, this is truly creative and out of this cauldron’s world.


Witch’s Brew (two ways)

And finally, what is a party without drinks, but more specifically, witch’s brew. First up we have the adult version of Witch’s Brew that was compiled by Latina Magazine! Not sure if the staff at Latina Magazine created this or if it was created by someone else, but whomever the drink’s creator is, it’s very reminiscent of a cauldron in mid brew. Check out the recipe (and the other drinks on the list) here!


And finally, a family friendly version of Witch’s Brew! Check out Stef’s version (from Girl. Inspired.) here! It will definitely look impressive for your guests! Two words: Dry Ice.


And that is it!

Till next time,

Happy Tuesday!


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