Nerdie Foodie: The Peanuts Movie


By Jenine Lee (@Niners_9)

Foodies! Welcome back to another Foodie Friday. Better yet, today is release day for The Peanuts Movie!!!!! That’s right folks! Lucy, Linus, Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the gang can be seen in a theatre near you starting today!! The Peanuts gang by Charles M. Schultz are such classic cartoons. So in honour of the premiere of The Peanuts movie, we are going to see just a taste of what you can do with a lot of popcorn and something about Albertson’s Safeway doing a lot of promo for the movie (we don’t have Albertsons Safeway in Canada, we just have Safeway…is there a difference?). In any case, wherever you buy your groceries, candies, and popcorn, it doesn’t have to be the exact same brand as the ones that can be found in the recipes below because well, I’m Canadian (end disclaimer). Let’s roll!

Snack Mixes

Snack mixes are great options. For those who love a mixture of sweet and salty, check out Heidi’s creation (Happiness is Homemade) here!


And for those of you with peanut allergies, fear not! Jamie Harrington ( has a peanut-free muddy buddy snack mix here!



Who doesn’t love a good dip to have on hand? Check out how a classic plate of nachos can be Peanuts-ified by Kara Carrero (Facebook page here)!

And for those who love a good peanut butter dip, check out Laura’s (from Lalymom) recipe here!



And of course, you can’t forget about the cookies! Check out Krissy’s (Self Proclaimed Foodie) pumpkin cookie recipe here!


Cakey Cake Pops, Brownies, and Cupcakes

For the really decadent desserts, check out Tiany Lindermann Davis’ (Social Savvy Mom) Peanuts inspired brownies here!


Jenn Fujikawa (@justjenn) shows us how to make these kid-friendly and big-kid-friendly cupcakes here!


And of course, we can’t forget the cake pop varieties! Check out Kristen Duke’s (Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke) recipe for Peanuts cake pops here!


Popcorn Galore

Finally! We’ve reached the popcorn!! Although, a few of the recipes we’ve already went through today have popcorn in it……but more popcorn anyone??

First up we have Lucy’s (Coffee with Us 3) colourful recipe! Check it out here!


For slightly fancier popcorn, check out Melanie L’s (Reason to Skip the Housework) recipe here!


And finally for the big kahuna popcorn creation, check out these Charlie Brown Popcorn Balls (of deliciousness) by Paris (My Big Fat Happy Life) and her recipe here!


Pudding Parfait

Last but not least, the ladies at came up with this fantastic Charlie Brown pudding recipe. Check it out here and their Facebook page here!


Hope that gives you a few ideas to get those creative juices flowing (and if you have any kidlets, it’s a great way for them to participate in helping you make a few of these delicious creations). Enjoy the movie folks!

Till next time,

Happy Tuesday!


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