Nerdie Foodie: Tangled!


By Jenine Lee, (@Niners_9)

Hellooo Nerds! This week is a special one. Today, we are getting Tangled in some amazing food creations! Watch out Flynn Rider, we’re coming for a visit!

Artist’s Palette and Paint Brush Cookies

Rosie from Sweetapolita (Woohoo! Go Canadians!) shows us how to make these simple round sugar cookies into an amazing work of art! Check out the recipe and how-to here!


Pascal Cake Pops

And what is Tangled without Pascal? Check out Erin from The Lemonista and her take on a Pascal cake pop here! *Don’t they look adorable?!*


Tangled Jello Boats (Cups)

This is such a genius idea! Make up a batch of blue jello in clear plastic cups to set. Once they’re ready, cut up some orange slices to make the boat and place them on top of the jello. Grab a toothpick and some purple paper shaped as an isosceles triangle (or a banner shaped one) and draw some gold (or yellow) suns on ‘em. Check out Melissa’s (from My PB+J) version here!


Rapunzel Drink

*Warning: Adults only for this one*


Cocktails by Cody shows us what he came up with – a cocktail that represents Rapunzel called Lily of the Sun. Keep an eye out on his recipe book called “Fairy Tale Cocktails”!

Hazelnut Soup

As we learned from Mother Gothel, Rapunzel`s favourite dish is Hazelnut Soup. Sigrid Verbert from Cavoletto shows us her interpretation of hazelnut soup. And I must say the soup in the photo looks divine and something one would want to eat on a cold chilly day. Check out the recipe here!


Mmmm….that soup just makes one want to be creative and dream of what could be!


Till next time,

Happy Tuesday!


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