Nerdie Foodie: Star Wars – The Foodie Awakens


By Jenine Lee (@Niners_9)

Nerdie Foodies!!!! It’s here!! Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Who watched it on opening night? Opening weekend? Who is watching it a week later?? In any case, one cannot have a Star Wars movie premiere without some amazing food and munchies right? Let’s get to it!


One has to start the day off right with breakfast. To get you into Star Wars mode, Carrie (from Carrie Elle) shows us how to make Chewie out of bacon and hashbrowns, and TIE-Fighters out of eggs! For the full how-to, check it out here!


Lunch (or Dinner)

If you’re craving pizza for lunch, then go no further. Kim Vealey (from Soliloquy of Food and Such) shows us how to make both a Yoda pizza and a Darth Vader pizza respectively. Check out the recipe and how-to here!


Afternoon Tea (or Fancy After School Snacks!)

Nazneen Hamilton (from Coffee and Crumpets) shares with us her recipe to make super cute Star Wars tartlets filled with jam! Check out the recipe here!


If you want to participate in a Christmas cookie swap (or just want to make and eat cookies all day long), Ashley Covelli (from Big Flavors from a Tiny Kitchen) shares with us her adapted recipe to make Qui-Gon Jinn-Ger Snaps! Check out the recipe here!


Also in the gingerbread cookie department, the Sugared Nerd (@SugaredNerd) shows us how to make Gingerbread Wookiee Cookiees. Check out the recipe here!


Movie After Party

Need a quick appetizer? Diana Johnson (from She Knows: Canada) shows us how to make an easy Stormtrooper cheese ball with crackers. Check out the recipe here!


If you want to attempt to make truffles this time around, there are two kinds you can try! First up, Sydney (from Tastefully Frugal) shows us how to make Death Star Oreo truffles here!


Or if you want to stay away from the dark side, Susan S (from Diamonds for Dessert) shows us how to make Yoda Matcha Truffles here!


If you have a box of maple doughnuts from the bakery laying around, Jenn Fujikawa (@justjenn) shows us how to turn them into Chewbacca! Check it out here!


For those whom are crazy for Star Wars and macarons, check out these babies!! (Side note: I will definitely be adding this to my “attempt to make” list). That’s right! Star Wars macarons thanks to Mike Tamplin (from Semi Sweet Designs). Check out the how to here!


After all that food, you gotta have some drinks! For the kids (and designated drivers and pilots), Highlander and Islander (from HI Cookery) share their recipe for Yoda Soda here!


And for the adults, I mean, big kids who can drink legally, the gals at Geek Girl Brunch have you covered with ten, yes, TEN (10) Star Wars inspired drink recipes for you to try out! Check out the recipes here!


And finally, what is a party without cake?? Rosanna Pasino (from Nerdy Nummies) has done it again! Check out her video below on how to make a Death Star cake! A cake worthy being the centre piece on your dessert table!

May the Force be with you!

Til next time, stay nerdalicious!


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