Nerdie Foodie: New Year, New You Smoothies Edition


By Jenine Lee (@Niners_9)

Welcome Foodie veterans and newbies to a new year! And as per the usual New Year’s resolutions, most of us usually choose to start eating healthy, losing weight, etc. Most of these resolutions should be lifestyle changes if one wants to stick with it. To help you start on your way to a healthier diet, we are going to look at some yummy, nerdalicious smoothies! Let’s go!

Harry Potter

All the way from Norway, Vegard (@wisehufflepuff)is an awesome kid who just happens to be a huge Harry Potter fan! He created his version of a Polyjuice potion (a smoothie for all the Muggles out there). Check out the recipe below!

Star Wars

Bianca (from The Friendly Fig) shows us how to make this super cool and bold coloured smoothie inspired by Princess Leia! Made with strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, check out the recipe here!

princess-leia-smoothie(Photo Credit: The Friendly Fig)

Bianca (@TheFriendlyFig) also shows us how to make a C-3P0 smoothie that is made out of mangoes, pineapple, and banana here!

c-3p0-smoothie(Photo Credit: The Friendly Fig)

And of course, after fighting off the Rebel Alliance (or The Resistance for all the youngsters), even Stormtroopers need to refuel and re-energize. Bryton Taylor (from Food in Literature) shows us how to make this energy smoothie below!

The Polar Express

Bryton Taylor (Food in Literature) also shows us how to make a nougat smoothie that is inspired by the holiday movie, The Polar Express. Check out the recipe below!

Monsters Inc.

Sara (from Mom Endeavors) shows us how to make our first green smoothie inspired by Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. Check out the recipe here!


The Incredible Hulk

Our second green drink is by Ayaka and Meaghan (from The Flirty Foodie). They show us how to make an avocado based smoothie inspired by The Hulk! Check out the recipe here!


Our last green smoothie for this post is also inspired by the Hulk. Maggie (from The Love Nerds) shows us how to make this spinach inspired smoothie here!


Inside Out

Courtney Lopez (from Courtney’s Sweets) shows us how we can get our kids to make their own smoothies! Courtney’s daughter just happens to be a huge Inside Out fan (So are we – Disgust is my personal fave). So this tropical smoothie is kid approved and kid friendly. Check out the recipe here!



And finally, who can go to Disneyland and resist trying a Dole Whip?? Not this nerd gal! So to wrap up our New Year’s Resolution Smoothie post, I have found a Dole Whip smoothie recipe. That’s right! Dole Whip in smoothie form!! Courtesy of Melissa Russo (from The Farm Girl Gabs), she shows us her version of this delicious pineapple goodness here!


All these yummy smoothies make me want to go and try one of these right away! Here’s to a fabulous 2016. Cheers!

Till next time,

Stay nerdalicious!


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