Nerdie Foodie: Nerdy Winter Soups and Stews


By Jenine Lee (@Niners_9)

Welcome back Foodies! So this week, to help us warm up during this cold winter weather we’re turning to soups and stews. But what if you can make your own soups and stews that just happen to be a replication from some of your favourite nerdy shows, movies, and video games? Let’s go!

World of Warcraft

Brooke Noelle (from Little Miss Nerd Chef) shows us how to make a Dalaran clam chowder soup inspired by World of Warcraft! Check out the recipe here!


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Cassandra Reeder (from The Geeky Chef) shares with us her take on Yeto’s soup! It is pumpkin based soup with goat cheese. Check out the recipe here!


Super Mario

Nothing says Super Mario like Koopa Troopa! Chris-Rachael Oseland (from The Kitchen Overlord) shows us how to make a hearty beef stew inspired by the Koopa Troopa! And check it out, the recipe even comes with a bonus Power Star cornbread recipe as a side! See the recipe here!


Math Nerds

This one is for all you math nerds out there! Katie (from Making This Home) shows us how to make Fractal soup out of a vegetable called Romanesco! Check out the recipe here! Seriously, this vegetable looks intriguing!


Star Trek

Straight from the files of the Food Replicator, Chris-Rachael Oseland (from The Kitchen Overlord) show us how to make Zoth Nut soup! Check out this carrot based soup recipe here!


Lord of the Rings

Deanna (from Feast of Starlight) shows us how to amp up Eowyn’s Fish soup! Trust me when I say it looks a lot more edible. Check out the recipe here!


Princess and The Frog

Princess Tiana’s gumbo. You can’t go wrong with gumbo on a cold winter’s day! Erin Burron (from The Wishin’ Kitchen, Ink & Saucer), shows us her Disney side and shares her recipe for gumbo! Did I mention that not only did she train at Le Cordon Bleu but she also used to be a Disney Cast Member? This is a legit Disney gumbo y’all. Check out the recipe here!



Who doesn’t want to try Rapunzel’s favourite, hazelnut soup? If you’ve followed us since the early days of this segment, you’ll remember our Tangled Foodie post that also had another version of hazelnut soup here. This time, we have what I am deeming the official recipe since it is coming straight to us from the Disney Family website! Whom ever the author is, this is the legit recipe for Rapunzel’s Squash and Hazelnut soup! It has squash folks. Check out the recipe and step-by-step instructions here!


Wonder Woman

And finally we’re finishing off this post with a hearty Wonder Woman tomato soup! Ro (from Nerdy Nummies) once again shows us how to make this delicious soup with some homemade Wonder Woman cheddar cheese toppers! Check out the video below!

There you have it! Some yummy, delicious and warm soup to help you get through that winter weather!

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