Nerdie Foodie: National Doughnut Day


By Jenine Lee, @Niners_9


Hello Nerdie Foodies! It was NATIONAL DOUGHNUT (aka. Donut) DAY on June 3rd!!!!! So you know I couldn’t pass this day up! Doughnuts are not only yummy, but they are so versatile in the decorating department you can turn them into anything. Let’s go check it out!




Let’s face it, Disney and doughnuts just make sense. First up, Jenn Fujikawa from justJENN Recipes (Blog, Twitter) shows us how to make these adorable Mickey Mouse inspired doughnuts. Check out the recipe here!


photo 1 (3)


(Photo Credit: justJENN)


If you’re looking for something smaller, Trish Rosenquist from Mom On Timeout (Blog, Facebook, Twitter) shows us how to make cute mini Disney Donettes doughnuts. Check out the recipe here!


photo 2 (2)


(Photo Credit: Mom On Timeout)


Courtney from Fork to Belly (Blog, Facebook, Twitter) shows us her version of Disney doughnuts here! Warning: Super cuteness overload!!!


photo 3 (2)


(Photo Credit: Fork to Belly)


And if you cannot have gluten, Walt Disney World Resort shares their recipe for gluten free doughnuts thanks to Pam Brandon (Blog, Facebook, Twitter)! Check out the recipe here!


photo 4 (2)


(Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog)




A very creative take on a doughnut. Thought not a true doughy doughnut, these are the perfect size for Ant-Man. Jenn Fujikawa, along with Fandango (Website, Facebook, Twitter) shows us how here!


photo 5 (1)


(Photo Credit: Jenn Fujikawa/Fandango)


The Flash


Jenn also brings us her take on a doughnut inspired by The Flash! Two words: Red Velvet. Check out the recipe here, courtesy of Nerdist (Website, Facebook, Twitter)!


photo 6 (1)


(Photo Credit: Jenn Fujikawa/Nerdist)




From Super Mario Bros, Diana from Fiction-Food Café (Blog, Facebook, Twitter) shows us how to turn our doughnuts into Yoshi! Love that turtle! Check out the recipe here!


photo 7 (1)


(Photo Credit: Fiction-Food Café)


Star Wars


Again, courtesy of Jenn Fujikawa’s creative mind comes this awesome looking Stormtrooper doughnut! Featured on, these are the doughnuts you are looking for. Check out the recipe here!


photo 8

(Photo Credit: Jenn Fujikawa/Nerdist)


And if you think she’s run out of doughnut ideas, think again! Jenn turns her favourite maple bar doughnut into Chewbacca! Check it out here!


photo 9


(Photo Credit: justJENN Recipes)


Gizelle Yeaegi Park from The Busy Spatula (Blog, Facebook, Twitter) shows us how to make mini Star Wars doughnuts! She breaks it into a two-parter blog post. Check out Part 1 here, and Part 2 here!


photo 10


(Photo Credit: The Busy Spatula)


And there you have it folks! Doughnuts worthy of National Doughnut Day! If you’re ever in doubt, follow this flow chart courtesy of Alexa Zurcher (alexazdesign)!


photo 11


(Photo Credit: alexzadesign)


Til next time,


Stay Nerdalicious!



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