Nerdie Foodie: Mother’s Day Edition


By Jenine Lee, @Niners_9


Welcome back to another edition of Nerdie Foodie! This past week we celebrated Mother’s Day. These are just a few ideas for that special person in your life for not just Mother’s Day, but for any day of the week. Let’s go!




Nothing says a special day like pancakes! For all those Star Wars fans out there, check out this BB-8 pancake recipe and how-to from Disney Family (Blog, Facebook, Twitter) here!


Photo 1 (1)

(Photo Credit: Disney Family)


But if your mother or that special someone is not much of a BB-8 fan (Although, how can you not? That droid is adorable!), check out these bacon pancakes à la Adventure Time from Nerdy Nummies (Blog, Facebook, Twitter). Check out the video below!



And if you want to take it one step further, check out this blast from the past Nerdie Foodie post: Nerdy Pancake Art! That will surely impress the lady!




If you’re more of a waffle creator, check out these Disney-tastic Belgian waffles with a berry compote. Jerusha from The Disney Chef (Blog, Facebook, Twitter) shows us how to make these delicious looking waffles here!


photo 2

(Photo Credit: The Disney Chef)




Ro from Nerdy Nummies (YouTube) shows us how to make heart-shaped eggy toasts with fruit skewers! Bonus, she even shows us how to make a rose cupcake bouquet and a DIY heart pillow! Check out the video below!



Eggs and Ham


This classic combo can only mean one thing, green eggs and ham just like Dr. Seuss envisioned! Bryt Taylor from Food in Literature (Blog, Facebook, Twitter) shows us how. Check out the video below!





Elise Strachan from My Cupcake Addiction (Blog, Facebook, Twitter) has you covered for all those social media savvy mothers and motherly figures out there! Check out this amazing breakfast spread that represents some of the major social media groups: Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. Check out the video below!





To further show your appreciation and make your meal looking extra fabulous, why not have some edible flowers? First up, we have the bacon version. Jess Pryles (Blog, Facebook, Twitter) knows her stuff when it comes to red meat. Check out her video below on how to make these delicious bacon bouquets!



And for those who prefer the non-carnivorous version, check out these sweet and delicious baked apple roses! Manuela M (YouTube) shows us how in the video below!



Mimosas and Smoothies


And to finish it all off, who does not love a good mimosa every now and then? Thanks to Nicole Beckerman from Doctor Who Cocktails (Blog, Facebook, Twitter) check out the recipe for the Donna Noble: Ginger Mimosa here!


photo 3

(Photo Credit: Wikipedia/Doctor Who Cocktails)


For more smoothie ideas, check out another past Nerdie Foodie post on nerdy smoothies here!


Hope these will spark some creative cooking this Mother’s Day and for more breakfast ideas you can check out our previous Nerdie Foodie Breakfast post here.


Happy Mother’s Day!


‘Til next time,


Stay nerdalicious!



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