Nerdie Foodie: Mermaids


By Jenine Lee (@Niners_9)

Look at this trove, treasures untold. How many wonders can one cavern hold? Looking around here you’d think, sure, she’s got everything…

Hellooo Nerdie Foodies!! Welcome back to the ocean…no, wait, I’m back on land. Over the years, I’ve had a slight obsession for all things water/ocean related – including mermaids. So this week, we are going to look at the incredible creativity you can do for a mermaid/beach/ocean themed party. So grab those fins and let’s dive in!

Sea Glass Candy

Laura from Make Life Lovely shows us how to make edible sea glass. The end product looks really beautiful. Check out her recipe here!


Mermaid Tail Cookies

Sweet Sugarbelle shows us now to turn our ordinary whale cookies into fabulous mermaid tail cookies! Check out her tutorial here!


Little Mermaid Oreos

That’s right! Chocolate covered Oreos decorated with Little Mermaid themes. Nicole from Bella’s Bakery & Bowtique! Check out the rest of her super cute and amazing creations here!


Banana Dolphins

Now this is one way to get your kids (and big kids) to eat some fruit! Lisa from Over the Big Moon shows us how here!


 Goldfish Marshmallow Pops

Instead of using cake, Vanessa (from See Vanessa Craft) shows us how to use marshmallows and turn them into these amazing underwater scenes here!


Homemade Rock Candy

Why spend tons of money on expensive candy, when you can achieve pretty similar results at home? Fellow Canadian Jenn Johns from Cookies Cupcakes & Cardio (love that name!) shows us how!

Siren’s Song

And while you’re waiting for that homemade rock candy to grow, why not check out Cocktails by Cody’s concoction? (Warning: This is an adult drink, so drink responsibly)


Beach Jelly Pots

And finally, a creation all the way from Australia (those Aussies are so creative!), edible Beach Jelly Pots from Zehra (Couture Event Styling). Now the only thing is that no one has posted a recipe, so this is what my guess is. Crushed graham crackers for the “sand”, vanilla or plain white pudding, and clear gelatin with a bit of blue-ish green coloured condensed milk concoction mixed in (check out Ann Reardon’s take on how to create that clear blue water jelly in her 3D flowers and creepy spiders video here) at the top of the jar! Check out the rest of Zehra’s party ideas for inspiration here!


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Happy Tuesday!


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