Nerdie Foodie: Emojis Edition ;) <3


by Jenine Lee (@Niners_9)

Hi Nerdie Foodies! Welcome to the first edition of food and drinks inspired by emojis! Say wha?? That’s right! We use these cute pictures to help us express our emotions at that particular moment. Sometimes daily. Well…if you’re anything like me and my nerd family, we use emojis and stickers…a lot. So brilliant idea: Emoji food and drinks! Let’s go!


If you are a pro at pancakes (or not), check out Tiger Tomato’s (Facebook, Twitter) super easy :heart_eyes: pancake! Check out the video below!

Rice Krispies Treats

Making Rice Krispie squares is a rite of passage childhood tradition (if you don’t have a gluten allergy). This sweet gooey treat is yummy! So why don’t try to make it round instead of square? And add a face…not that hard…right? Check out Jessica Siskin’s (from About Food) Rice Krispies emoji recipe here!



How can we not have emojis on cake? Even better, turn the cake into an emoji! Yolanda Gamp (from How to Cake It) shows us how to turn a few of those iconic emojis into their individual cakes. Check out the video below!


And if you have cakes, well quite frankly you can turn them into cupcakes! Cakes-on-the-go? Cakes-to-go? In any case, Jemma Wilson (from CupcakeJemma & co-owner of Crumbs & Doilies) shows us how to make emojis into cupcakes. Check out the video below!


Yes, you read that correctly. Macarons! Kelly Mindell (from Studio DIY) shows us how to make emojis with professionally baked (aka. Bakery made) macarons or you can make them with your favourite macaron recipe. Check out the how-to here!



Seriously, cookies are a great base for all kinds of themed food ideas and emojis is one of them. Ro (from Nerdy Nummies) shows us an easy way to make these delicious emoji sugar cookies below!

And if you want to up the ante and be a super cool cookie decorator, Amber Spiegel (from Sweet Ambs) shows us how to skillfully decorate emoji cookies. Check out the video below!

And finally, a twist on the cake pops – cookie pops! Elise Strachan (from My Cupcake Addiction) shows us how to make chocolate covered Oreos (because Oreos totally need more chocolate) look like emojis on a stick! Check out the video below!

Cocktails (And If Necessary, Mocktails)

And we finally round up the post with a trio of drinks courtesy of James Cave (from Huffington Post: Taste) and the bartender who created them, Matthew Houlihan (@m_houlihan). Check out these three emoji drink icons become real drinks featuring Cachaça (a Brazilian liquor made from sugar cane). Of course to turn the first drink into a mocktail, leave out the alcohol. For the other two drinks, maybe replace the alcohol with juice instead. Check out the recipes here!


Till next time,

Stay nerdalicious!


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  1. JayneFebruary 25th, 2016 at 1:15 am

    I got some emoji cookie cutters from our very own 3DPrintingNerd, Joel Telling, but I haven’t got around to trying them out …

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