Nerdie Foodie: Doctor Who Edition


By Jenine Lee (@Niners_9)

Whoooo-eeeee Foodies! This week we are going to pick up a TARDIS and check out some awesomely amazing food and a whole lot of drinks (Doctor style)! So hop into this fabulous TARDIS and let’s get going!

Fish Fingers and Custard

For those looking for a savoury version of fish fingers and custard, BBC America (Facebook page here) reveals their fish fingers (with chips) and custard recipe à la Amelia Pond! Check it out here!


For a more sweet/dessert type of fish fingers and custard dish, Darla (from Bakingdom) shares her recipe here!


And let’s not forget Food Network’s scientific TV host (love his shows!) Alton Brown (Facebook page here)! He has also created a savoury version of fish fingers and custard (also known as Tardis sauce). Check out the recipe here!


Dalek Bread

This just speaks for itself. Chris-Rachael Oseland, with illustrations by Tom Gordon (from Kitchen Overlord) shows us how to make Dalek bread. Check out the recipe here! Mmmm…..carbs….. *happy place*


Tiny TARDIS Pies

For those wanting a more festive holiday dish, check out BBC America’s (@DoctorWho_BBCA)Tiny TARDIS Pies! Great for cold winter nights when you want something comforting (or have leftover turkey and cranberry sauce)! Check out the recipe here! And for those of you celebrating American Thanksgiving and need a last minute idea (or an idea for leftovers), try this one out and let us know how it turns out!


Jammy Dodger Cookies

And we can’t forget those jammy dodger cookies! Janel (from NellieBellie) shows us how to make these delicious shortbread cookies with jam centres. Check out the recipe here!


Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Jello in a Jar

To top off our dessert stomachs, Darla (@Bakingdom) shows us another creative recipe! If you want to see the universe but don’t have a personal TARDIS, check out her recipe here!



And finally, this wouldn’t be a Nerdie Foodie article without a few ideas to wash down a good meal!

For the kids, BBC America has created a fun lemonade based punch for their Sonic Screwdriver drink. Check out the recipe here!


For the adults, Kristina Ackerman (from Knuckle Salad) shows us her creations of the Sonic Screwdriver drink for both Doctors 10 and 11. Check out both of her recipes here!


And finally, to top it all off, Alex (from Doctor Who Cocktails) shows us two unique drinks. First up is the TARDIS-tini. Check out the recipe here!


And for the more adventurous adults in the room, why not bring it full circle and try the Fish Fingers and Custard drink? Courtesy of Alex (@DWCocktails), check out the recipe here! And cheers, to 52 years of Doctor Who!


Till next time,

Stay nerdalicious!


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