Nerdie Foodie: Classic Horror Edition


By Jenine Lee (@Niners_9)

Hello Foodies! I must admit, I am not a horror/thriller movie fan, but I hope you all enjoy what I have dug up from the graves. Let’s get started!

Now everyone loves a good cupcake. Plus they are a great base to transform into many different themes and genres or whatever it is that you want to decorate. These first five iconic horror characters are created by Farm Baby. Whoever you are, you have an amazing artistic talent!


First up out of the five is Chucky. Now even though I have not seen these movies, I do know who Chucky is. Farm Baby gives you step by step photos on how to create your own Chucky cupcake topper here!


Freddy Krueger

Nightmare on Elm St. Again, another horror movie I have never seen but I have seen the character Freddy Krueger. See? Iconic. Even to the non-horror movie fan. Farm Baby’s attention to detail is amazing! Check out the how-to here!


Jason Voorhees

And of course, how can you have Freddy but not Jason (from “Friday the 13th)? Again, same cupcake for the base (which Farm Baby does provide here) The how-to is here!



Pinhead from Hellraiser is probably one of the iconic horror characters that I didn’t know about until this week. Again, Farm Baby does an amazing job with the details! Check it out here!


Pennywise the Clown

And how can we not include Pennywise the Clown from the movie “IT”? Horrifyingly creepy, Farm Baby does an amazing job again! Check it out here!


Swamp Thing

Now it’s hard to find actual food sculptures of Swamp Thing (although I’m sure they’re out there somewhere). So this time around, it’s more of the inspiration of the Swamp Thing. Check out this awesome swampified cupcake here (swamp scum and all) from Sheryl (from Lady Behind the Curtain)!


Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein

And finally to round things off, of course, as always, drinks! Because how can you have all that dessert and nothing to drink? So to celebrate the icon of Frankenstein and his bride, I have found a few that I could not decide on which one to leave out. So you get to see all of them!

Franken Frappuccino

First up is for all the Starbucks lovers out there! Straight from the Starbucks Secret Menu, check out the Franken Frappuccino this Halloween! For the ordering directions, check it out here!


And of course for the adults, we have a couple choices: The Frankenstein Drink and The Bride of Frankenstein drink

The Frankenstein Drink

Courtesy of The Cocktail Lady check out the recipe here!  You can also make this drink for Frankenstein Day (the last Friday of October).


The Bride of Frankenstein

And last but not least, the Bride of Frankenstein. A vanilla blackberry champagne creation by Shanna (from Pineapple and Coconut), that you can make with or without dry ice for that extra touch of classy spooky. Check out the recipe here!


There you have it! Cupcakes and drinks – who could ask for more?

Till next time,

Happy Tuesday!


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