Nerdie Foodie: Breakfast Edition


By Jenine Lee, (@Niners_9)

Hello nerds and nerdettes! Who is hungry? Anyone have breakfast this morning? Second breakfast? Elevensies. No? What about Lunch? Afternoon tea, supper, what about dinner? Well in any case, even if you are not a Hobbit with an appetite, you probably would eat breakfast of some sort every morning (I hope).

Because as we all know, breakfast in the morning means more energy for your body and brain for the day!


So how does one find some nerdy breakfast? Google of course! Here are just a few that I found:


Yes, cereal can be nerdy. In fact they had nerdy cereal boxes geared towards kids back in the 80s (smart marketing people) that are no longer available according to Complex Canada magazine. Here are a few examples:

Check out the other 22 cereals on their nerdy cereals list here! (I would have totally bought them too)


Adventure Time

Now I must admit, I have not watched Adventure Time, but I do know that it is a popular show. Even Breakfast Princess (from Breakfast Kingdom, obviously) is telling me so….


So in honour of the princess, I present to you The Geeky Chef! It is only right that we feature two recipes. First up are bacon pancakes. I mean come on, it’s bacon + pancakes = deliciousness.


Check out the recipe here!

And for our second Adventure Time recipe, check out Nerdy Nummies and their take on the Adventure Time Snail via cinnamon rolls! I mean, who does not love to eat a warm gooey cinnamon roll for breakfast? Check out the video below!

Lord of the Rings

Now it wouldn’t be right of me to mention LOTR at the start of this article and not bring something breakfast-y to the table. Call it a power bar if you will. Courtesy from The Geeky Chef again (they really have some great recipes that I just want to test all of them at some point in my lifetime), I give you the elven lembas bread recipe! Check it out here!



And of course, we have to wrap up this breakfast post with Captain Mal, Wash, Zoe, Kaylee, Simon, Inara, River, and Jayne. Who remembers Mudder’s milk? For breakfast, I would say go with the non-alcoholic version (but that’s just my personal choice). Check out the recipe here. But if you are adventurous and you would want to try the alcoholic version, check out The Geeky Chef’s version here!


And that’s a wrap folks!


*pssst! Isn’t this mug set amazeballs?!?! Check it out on Etsy here!*

Till next time,

Happy Tuesday!


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