Nerdie Foodie: Batman


By Jenine Lee (@Niners_9)

Hello Foodies! This week’s theme: Batman!

♪ Nanananananana Batman! Batman! ♫

Okay I’m good. Where were we? Oh yes, Batman! We’ve got some excellent desserts, an appetizer/snack (depends on how you look at it), and even entrées; all topped up with a couple boozy drinks for the big BIG kids out there (aka. Adults). Let’s get started!


Okay. How can I not find you all some excellent and sometimes inspirationally decorated cookies for you to drool over? First up we have Sugar Belle showing us how to make our very own Batman cookies out of royal icing! Check out the how-to and recipe here!

Batman Sugarbelle

Next, Evon from Cookievonster shows us just how talented and artistic you can get with a lot of cookie decorating practice. If you live in Canada or the United States, she does ship cookies to your home. If you live in the Vancouver and Greater Vancouver Area (that is British Columbia, Canada), then you’re even luckier because that is where she is based out of! Check out her version of Batman shortbread cookies! And if you want to check out the rest of what she can do, here is her website!

Batman Cookievonster

Jenny Fujikawa (justJENN) is another food blogger that I love to follow and see what she can create! Check out this detailed chocolate and vanilla Batman cookie that she created here!

Batman-Cookie justJENN

And we can’t forget the bat signal! Check out these bat signal cookie sandwiches from Nina (Ambrosia Baking). And as a bonus, you can even make these for Halloween! Check out the recipe and how-to here!



Again, did I mention I love the creativity that Jenny Fujikawa has? She even writes for The Nerdist. Seriously, who would have thought up of Gotham City snacks such as Batman chips and salsa? Check out the recipe and how-to here!



Who doesn’t like to see a superhero sidekick during their lunch hour? Sarah (Bentoriffic) shows us how to create our very own Robin bento box lunch without even having to fly to Japan! (Bonus: She even shows us a picture of what her Batman bento box lunch looks like!). The ingredients she uses are vegan options. Check out the how-to here!

Robin bento lunch

And of course, this is how much I love Jenny Fujikawa’s creations (check out her Instagram here). If anyone in your family wants chicken pot pie, but dang it you’re out of pie shells, check out this Batman chicken and biscuits à la pot pie here! Mmmmm……pot pie……yum!

Batman chicken-and-biscuits3


And of course, after slaving away in the kitchen all day long, us big BIG kids would like to just kick back and relax into the weekend with a nice boozy drink (Warning: Adults only). Buzzfeed recently had a Batman inspired wedding shower for two of their staff members. Check out the seven (yes you read that correctly), 7 Batman inspired drinks here! I think Bruce Wayne and Alfred would both approve. Especially Alfred.

The Alfred Bruce Wayne drink

And there you have it folks! Gotham City would be proud, wouldn’t they? But because this is Batman, what would Batman eat?

Till next time,

Stay Nerdalicious!


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