Mr. Robot Season Two Premiere Recap


By: Carolyn Deas

When last we left Elliot Alderson, a young man facing depression and anxiety, we had just learned some very important information.

Spoilers ahead!

Elliot and the fociety team had just performed the largest hack in American history. After fighting with Mr. Robot, played by Christian Slater, for the entire first season, we were hit with the revelation that Mr. Robot is in fact Elliot’s father who died of leukemia. The writers pulled a “Fight Club” on us! Mr. Robot is all in Elliot’s head!

Since last season, Elliot has been living at home with his mother. In an attempt to gain control of his life and to get his father out of his head, he has created a routine that he strictly follows everyday.

8am – Breakfast with Leon
10am – Help with the housework
12pm – Lunch with Leon
2pm – Watch basketball in the park with Leon
4:30pm – Help with the housework again
6pm – Dinner with Leon

Then it’s socializing at his church group and making sure he keeps track of his day in his journal. Unfortunately, this doesn’t keep Mr. Robot out of his head. While Elliot is writing in his journal, Mr. Robot even says, “Control is an illusion.”

What does this mean?

To me, it seems to say that even though Elliot thinks he’s in control, he’s not. When Gideon Goddard, Elliot’s former boss at All-Safe approaches him about what Elliot had done, Mr. Robot asks, “Was that you, or me?” Of course, Gideon can’t hear this conversation but Mr. Robot adds, “You add up to one thing: me.” This whole episode seemed to revolve around the question, “How do you take off a mask when it stops being a mask?” Is the real Elliot coming out or is he fighting it off? Unfortunately, at the end of the episode, Gideon is killed at a bar by Brock, a man who seems friendly enough but doesn’t like the part that Gideon played in the whole “Cyber Pearl Harbor.”

Remember Darlene? She’s Elliot’s sister and the leading member of fsociety. Even though their big hack is done, she says they’re just getting started. They need to “finish them off.” She starts this second war by taking over the house of the general counsel member for E Corp, Susan Jacobs. By making her smart house go haywire, Jacobs leaves and fsociety has a new headquarters.

Darlene’s plan is to make E Corp pay up $5.9 million, and instead of trying to fight it, Susan Jacobs convinces the business to do it. When the Chief Technology Officer goes to the meeting place for the exchange, he’s approached by a bike messenger who gives him a backpack. In the backpack is a mask that says, “Wear the mask and burn the money.” Fearing for his life if he doesn’t comply, he does what he’s told. E Corp is now all over the news again for this act and even the President can’t help them out.

Angela is back, too. She now has a job at E Corp in public relations. Apparently this was all part of a plan she made with the lawyer that helped her with her case against E Corp for killing her mother (and Elliot’s father). Angela has turned to the dark side though, saying that she likes her job and she doesn’t want to quit. E Corp is showing her that she has value.

While Elliot sticks to his routine, he meets a guy named Ray and his dog Maxine. He wants to be friends with Elliot but Elliot refuses. This isn’t their last conversation, though. It seems that they talked on the phone that night but Elliot didn’t remember. Mr. Robot had taken over and agreed to help Ray with his problem, which we are not completely aware of yet.

Elliot runs home to check his journal to see if he wrote about being on the phone last night. There is time that’s unaccounted for. His mask had taken over. Mr. Robot states, “They see me.” So who is the real Elliot? He decides he needs to take over and even when Mr. Robot shoots him in the head (again), he does nothing but laugh. He knows it’s just his imagination. He does question Mr. Robot about the one thing he wants from him: to know where Tyrell is. Tyrell is the jerk from E Corp that killed a woman last season and asked Elliot for help (and offered him a job at the company Elliot hates). “The only one it’s gonna drive mad is you, not me,” claims Elliot. After peacing out and going to his church group (which may have been a dream), Elliot comes back to consciousness and is on the phone with the long lost Tyrell.

This was definitely the kind of episode to start the season off strong with. I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

Rating: 5/5

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