Mr. Robot: Game Changer Recap


By: Carolyn Deas (@carolyndeas)

Last week’s episode of Mr. Robot left us with more questions than answers. Is Elliot in control? Where is Tyrell? Does Angela have a plan or does she really like E Corp? What the heck is Ray planning?

Spoilers ahead!

Elliot had Tyrell on the phone when we last saw him. How did that happen? Mr. Robot of course. Elliot wanted to know where Tyrell was so Mr. Robot made it happen. Unfortunately, Tyrell wasn’t giving up any information; it wasn’t safe to discuss on the phone.

In an attempt to control his imaginary friend once again, Elliot has turned to Adderall. By taking 200mg a day, he is able to control his mind and keep Mr. Robot out of his thoughts. This also comes with a price; he hasn’t slept in six days. Elliot says he feels more focused, but not himself. The happiness he felt while on the drugs only lasted a few days and he could feel himself crashing. He can’t feel the panic coming on because now it’s just there.

In this episode, we also get a little background on how fsociety came to be. Mobley, one of the assistants with the hack, meets with Romero. Romero has access to an old arcade on Coney Island, formerly known as Fun Society. The building is believed to be cursed but Mobley thought it was the perfect place.

Fast forward to after the hack, and Romero was killed. Mobley discovered him in his backyard with an apparent shot in the head. First Gideon, now Romero. This causes horror among the other people that were part of the hack. It’s like they’re being killed off one by one. Darlene, Mobley, and Trenton meet. Of course Darlene tells them they need to calm down. Mobley thinks that Elliot is working with the Dark Army in an attempt to cover their tracks. Anyone associated with the hack are their “tracks.”

Ray is back and we kind of get a glimpse at what he’s trying to do. It turns out he’s a lot like Elliot. He talks to his dead wife, but it actually makes him feel better, unlike Elliot. Ray meets with a man that was very nervous (and his family terrified) of Ray’s presence, but Ray remained calm. What I got from the conversation is that Ray has a website (for who knows what) that keeps crashing. The man he’s approached says he can’t fix it. Someone else needs to migrate the site. I think that’s where Elliot comes in. Finally, Ray and Elliot meet. Elliot previously tried to throw away his journal after an outbreak at his church group that he thought he was just having in his head. They talk about how life is just “stumbling in the right direction” and how you always need to fight for footing. Sometimes, the right questions lead to the wrong answers or the right answers lead you to the wrong questions. I don’t know what this means, but I hope we find out.

Angela also seems to be in the good books with her boss, Philip Price. She stands up for herself in her decision for TV interviews that resulted in her getting invited to dinner at a very fancy restaurant. She enjoyed a pleasant evening with Price as well as two other members of the E Corp administration. After the other two gentlemen leave, Price reveals that they were directly involved with the cover up of the gas leak in her hometown which killed her mother. He gave her a disk with evidence on it. It’s like he’s daring her to ruin the lives of the two men she just met. Will she do it?

Meanwhile, Dominique DePierro, an investigator for the FBI, is following Romero’s case. She goes to his house and meets with his mother. While she’s there, she uncovers documents (that his mother was using to wrap glasses with as she’s moving) that lead her directly to the fsociety base on Coney Island.

I’m still left with more questions than answers, but that seems to be par for the course with Mr. Robot.

Rating: 5/5

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