Mr. Robot: Chess Game Recap


By: Carolyn Deas (@carolyndeas)

I love that this season of Mr. Robot is showing flashbacks of how everything started, don’t you? It turns out, it was on Halloween that Elliot decided he was going to take down E Corp. Darlene visited him and he tells her about a job that Angela is helping him get. It’s then that he decides he’ll be a Trojan horse and take down E Corp from the inside.

Spoilers ahead.

Darlene visited Elliot at their mom’s house. She couldn’t believe he decided to move in with her again. She thought that Elliot would be proud of the work she is doing after the hack, but Elliot wants her to stop. They are on the side of something they never signed up for. Darlene reminds Elliot that he said the hard part would be after the hack. She admits that she wants the old Elliot back.

Darlene met with her ex-boyfriend who seems to have knowledge of Dark Army related things. He tells her things about what the FBI found at Romero’s and that the arcade was found. Darlene feels safe, that they can’t be traced, but her ex feels differently. He tells her about Operation Berenstain, which I have no idea what it is, but hopefully we find out soon.

Elliot met with Ray again. They played chess and Ray could tell that Elliot had something on his mind. He encouraged Elliot to tell him about it. Saying it out loud might help. That’s when Elliot makes a deal with Mr. Robot to play a chess game to end all games. Winner takes all. If Elliot wins, Mr. Robot leaves. If Mr. Robot wins, it will be like Elliot is losing time forever. This game means that Elliot is playing for his existence.

Elliot takes some time to think about what he’s playing for. The existence that he wants is filled with friends and family. He daydreams about seeing people he loves, having dinner with his friends, and being happy. He would very much like to fight for this future.

The chess game between Elliot and Mr. Robot takes place. It’s quick-paced and very soon, they reach a stalemate. They attempt to play 2 more times and reach the same conclusion. Mr. Robot knew this would happen. They can’t beat each other. Mr. Robot is here for a reason, but Elliot can’t see why.

That is, until he gets a phone call from Darlene. She tells him everything: about Romero, the arcade, the FBI. She says that she’s crashing. They’ve been outed and she needs help. Elliot is very serious and he asks her which one of him she wants. Before, she wanted Mr. Robot. Now, she says she wants Elliot.

In what seems like an attempt for Elliot to be like Mr. Robot, he heads back to Ray’s. He says he’s going to help Ray with the website migration, but first, he uses Ray’s computer to get in touch with Darlene. Elliot doesn’t have Internet access at his mom’s house so this was his best option. Elliot knows his sister is in trouble, so what is his plan?

He’s going to hack the FBI.

Rating: 5/5

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