Mr. Robot 2.4 Recap


By Carolyn Deas (@carolyndeas)

Is it just me, or are these episodes of Mr. Robot getting better and better? Other than a few questions I still have – like WHERE IS TYRELL WELLINGTON?? – the story is coming along nicely. I think this week saw the smallest amount of screen time for Mr. Robot, too.

Spoilers ahead!

Have you ever wanted to know what the steps are to the perfect hack? You’re in luck. Elliot laid them out for us this week. First, you have to identify the target and magnify their flaws. Then, you build the malware and prepare for the attack. Finally, you simply write the script and suddenly, you own every phone that belongs to the FBI.

This is what Elliot’s plan is. And it’s so convenient because they have taken over an entire floor in the E Corp building. Darlene knows who to ask for help, but Elliot is wary. Getting Angela involved is not what he wants. Unfortunately, Darlene (as usual) does her own thing and approaches Angela about what her part in this would be. Because she works for E Corp, she’s the perfect person to send in. All she would have to do is drop a device that Darlene will give her on the floor and walk away. Darlene approaches Elliot later and says she wants in. The device she’ll have will get rid of the evidence for the hack. Elliot admits that he didn’t want to talk to her again until Mr. Robot was gone. But that still hasn’t happened.

Dominique DiPierro, FBI agent, gets sent to China. They’re looking for more information on the hack and the backups to the E Corp servers are located there. She flat out asks their minister what he knows about the Dark Army and Sir Minister didn’t seem happy about it. Later, when she is at a gathering with their hosts and her partners, she is drawn into a room that is filled with clocks. The minister finds her and explains how the clocks remind him of mortality. Then I got confused because he took her into another room and showed her a closet of dresses that he said belong to his sister (but we know that he likes wearing them himself). He then explains that in an alternate reality, things are far different than they are right now and none of this terrible stuff has happened. It seems like he wants to be in a different reality.

Meanwhile, Elliot is pretending to work on Ray’s site move, but is in fact working on his own follow-up plot against E Corp with Darlene. He talks to Ray and says he needs access to a database and begrudgingly, Ray lets him meet with his old IT guy (you know, the one that got beat up pretty bad by Ray and his cronies). When Elliot finally gets to meet with this guy, he’s still pretty beat up. He seems shy and timid and just wants to get the job over with. Elliot pushes him (silently, of course, because they have someone watching them) and finally knows what Ray’s website is about. It’s an invite-only site where people post girls for sale, weapons, and offer to be hit men. Elliot (as he should) doesn’t feel good about this. He thinks about it in his room later and is actually abducted by Ray’s gang. His kidnapper warns him that Elliot was told not to look into the site so now Elliot is getting beat up pretty bad, too. I can’t imagine what they did to the other guy.

For those of you that are like me and want to know where Tyrell is, the only evidence we have of him even being around is the packages he’s sending to his wife and son. This week they got a rattle. They’ve also been receiving phone calls where no one talks when they answer, and Kareem, the guy that worked at the hotel and was keeping their secret, was killed because he was starting to flake out.

This still doesn’t tell me where he is.


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