Moto 360: Motorola Unveils New Android-Powered Smartwatch


by Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)

First Samsung and LG introduced theirs and now Motorola is getting into the smartwatch game.

Not many details have been released, but what is known for sure is the Moto 360 will favor a more traditional design. Highlights include a circular face that will display notifications and alerts, the ability to physically wind the watch with the power button, and a microphone. A twist of the wrist will reveal calls, emails, meeting times, and any other announcements. However, it will not have USB or any other ports.

Cosmetically, the smartwatch will have many band options, including metal, rubber, and different colors of leather.

But is this a good idea? After all, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch bombed in the marketplace. In fact, it sold far fewer than experts were predicting – only 50,000 were sold in the two months after its launch.

Reports indicate the Moto 360 will be released this summer in America, but no word on an exact date.

Do you think the Moto 360 can stand out in a competitive, yet so far unsuccessful smartwatch world? Would you buy one?

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  1. BrianApril 2nd, 2014 at 10:40 am

    To me, i think the 360 is by far the best looking of the smart watches to be announced. I love watches but stopped wearing one as my job is spent at a keyboard all day, so a watch becomes burdensome and at times painful (I have a nice Fossil I love, but it’s heavy and irritated my wrist). I would definitely get one if the price were way cheaper than what’s currently out there (I think Pebbles and Galaxy Gear are > $300) and if it’s comfortable enough for me to wear while I do my job.

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