May the 4th Ultimate Star Wars Quiz: Featuring Topps Star Wars Widevision Trading Cards


By Loud Josh

1) Appearing in the 1997 Special Edition to replace the generic alien “Wolfman”, the creature on the right is named:

a) Rokak’k 
b) Ketwol 
c) Chalmun
 d) Ephant Mon

2) Which Mos Eisley Spaceport Docking Bay was the Millenium Falcon docked at?

a) 64 
b) 74
 c) 84
 d) 94

3) Who is the owner of the Mos Eisley Cantina?

a) Rokak’k 
b) Ketwol
 c) Chalmun 
d) Ephant Mon

4) In Star Wars: Legends Holochess is often referred to by this other name:

a) Pazaak 
b) Sabacc
 c) Dejarik
 d) Idiot’s Array

5) The décor behind the bar was later repurposed as the head for which droid?

a) IG-88 
b) 4-LOM
 c) R-3PO
 d) Lobot

6) The Temples on Yavin 4 are known by this name:

a) Camassi 
b) Massassi
 c) Calabassi
 d) Degrassi

7) Which X-Wing pilot saved Luke from certain doom in the following screen shot?

a) Biggs Darklighter 
b) Jek Porkins
 c) Garven Dreis
 d) Wedge Antilles

8) Which Death Star hangar does the Millenium Falcon enter?

a) Hangar 2037
 b) Hangar 1138
 c) Hangar 1977
 d) Hangar 2078

9) Who is Darth Vader Force Choking in this picture?

a) High General Tagge
b b) Colonel Yularen
c c) Admiral Motti
d d) General Bast

10) How many years were between Vader and Obi-Wan’s previous duel on Mustafar and their duel on the Death Star?

a) 17 years 
b) 19 years
 c) 21 years 
d) 23 years
Special thanks to Topps and for sending us a copy of Star Wars: Widevision The Original Topps Trading Card Series Volume One. Copies are available now online and at all major booksellers.
1) b 2) d 3) c 4) c 5) a 6) b 7) d 8) a 9) c 10) b

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